Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips: Document & Photograph!

When you are the victim of water damage it can be a devastating experience and can be hard to know what to do and what steps you need to take. When the damage is done you need to start to work quickly if you want the option to save your belongings and start to dry the water damaged items. If you want the possibility to restore the damaged items and have some of them replaced you need to take great notes on what damage there is.

Water Damage Documentation

When the damage has been done you need to start by taking all the damaged items that can be moved out of the area. You want to find a dry area that you can start to line up the items. When you have them lined up and somewhat organized this is when you need to start to document what you have and what the damage is.

Property Water Damage

Start with a list of the damage that is done to the actual property and home. The structure of the home like the walls, flooring and doorways. Then you can start to look at appliances. If you have any documents that show ownership you want to add them to this part of your reporting. This also includes any items such as cars or other vehicles.

Inventory Personal Belongings that have Water Damage

Then you want to move onto the personal belongings. If you have any art work or furniture that has been damaged by the water you want to list the items. You also want to list the condition of each item and the quantity of them as well. This should also include what brand each item is and you can look into the cost of replacing some of the items. If you have any photographs of the items that you are claiming damage on and want to restore make sure that they are attached to the reporting and documentation.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

As you start the cleanup and water damage restoration efforts you want to be sure that you take time to write down and document all the cleanup. If you are claiming the damage on your insurance you want to make sure that nothing is thrown away before the insurance company has a chance to review the items. If you need any help with restoration from water damage you can call American Hometown Services to ensure that all the repairs and restoration are done correctly.

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