Good Housekeeping Secrets for How to Clean a House Fast & Properly in Fall Creek, IL

The last thing anyone wants to do is clean their house, especially if they’ve been working all week and want to spend the weekend doing something else! There are some ways to make cleaning a little easier so the amount of time you spend doing it won’t take too long.

Simple Housekeeping Cleaning Tips

1. Use a squeegee to wipe pet hair off the floors! Pets leave hair behind, it’s inevitable and it doesn’t matter how often you vacuum. It sticks to everything you own and your guests when they come to visit. Use a squeegee on the floor the same way you would your windows. Press firmly and you’ll love to see all the hair that gets picked up.
2. Pillow cases clean ceiling fans. Old pillow cases are a great way to clean ceiling fans that are otherwise awkward to clean. Put the open end of a dirty pillow case onto one blade and pull gently towards you to take off all the gunk that’s been up there for who knows how long.
3. Socks help clean window blinds. Blinds are a pain to clean and there never seems to be any easy way to do it. But wait, there is! Old socks placed on your hands makes it easy to get into all the nooks and crannies quickly and easily. Save yourself some money and skip the dusters you can get at the store and use something you’ll need to wash anyway.
4. Dryer sheets dust baseboards. Using dryer sheets can help keep baseboards clean because they have chemicals in them that repel dust and hair with static electricity. Simply rub the dryer sheets along the baseboards and you’ll be shocked at how great they’ll look weeks down the road.
5. Dry toothbrush can clean computer keyboards. Computer keyboards can collect a lot of dust. Take an old toothbrush that has been washed and dried and get right into the tiny openings that gather all that dust. If you’ve never done it you will be shocked at what comes out!
6. Frozen vinegar cubes clean smelly garbage disposals. Garbage disposals are notorious for getting smelly and chemicals don’t seem to work for very long. Take some frozen vinegar cubes and throw them in there and run the disposal. This works at coating and sanitizing the inside of the disposal and flushing any messes away. Follow with a cold flush of water to have it smelling as good as the day it way installed!
7. Microwave sponges. Most of the time sponges are havens for bacteria and leaving them next to the sink allows for moldy, smelly sponges. After you’re done using it wash it with soap and toss it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. The heat will disinfect the sponge and you won’t need to worry about how dirty it might be.
8. Run water and soap in blender. If you like to use your blender often then finding a fast and easy way to clean it is great. All you need to do is fill the blender with warm water and a touch of dish soap and give it a quick blend. Just make sure you rinse it thoroughly or your smoothie will taste like soap!

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