Flood Damage Restoration Process in Marcelline, IL; Water Extraction, Drying, Cleaning & More

Water damage can stem from many different issues and effect structures in a variety of ways. Common occurrences of water damage can include burst pipes, faulty appliances, backed up sewers, severed connections to toilets, sinks, and tubs, as well as leaky roof tops, extreme weather, and other acts of nature to name a few. From the floors, to the walls, to the ceiling, many elements of the home can sustain water damage in varying degrees. Not only is water damage detrimental to homes and businesses, but the introduction to mold and mildew is even more disastrous. When water damage is first discovered it is crucial to retain professional services immediately to avoid costly damages. Considering what is all involved with water damage, we at American Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to discuss the general process of water restoration.
Water Extraction: The top priority involving a response to water damage is to ensure the water is extracted promptly after the cause has been dealt with. To identify the extent of the problem and effectively remove the water, the furniture and clutter need to be promptly removed. If the water damage hasn’t already destroyed any possessions or furniture, they are either taken outside or a specified dry location to be processed. The structure is losing integrity every moment that goes by. Damage to the carpeting, wood flooring, and other flooring options, subfloor, padding, baseboards, casing, drywall, and insulation are just a few examples of the organic materials with porous nature that has the optimal ability to facilitate the growth of mold and other microbes. As the water is being pumped, professionals can monitor the water levels and ensure adequate extraction.
Structural Drying: In order to assess the quality of the structure, the areas affected by water damage needs to be completely dry. To expedite the drying process, which is essential, specialists will strategically place patterns of industrial strength air mover fans and dehumidifiers. Wicking moisture off of the saturated materials, the fans circulate air around the saturated areas and the dehumidifiers are set accordingly to draw out the excess moisture from the air. Professionals at the scene continue to monitor the progress with the use of moisture meter that feature probes to detect the level of moisture in a specific locations. With this equipment, technicians can keep tabs on the rate the structure is drying. There are several factors that dictate how long the water extraction and complete drying process can take, but on average, it takes several days.
Deep Cleaning and Treatments/Mold Remediation: After the area is completely dried and the cause of the water damage repaired, a full evaluation and inspection is given to determine the extent of the damage. When the high risk structure materials are inspected for mold spores or signs of weakness from the water damage, they will need to be removed and repaired with quality materials. Mold cannot be cleaned. If any exists, it will have be cut out of the area it is infecting and replaced.

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