Move In Vacant House & Apartment Deep Cleaning Services Checklist in Warsaw, IL

Moving in to a new home, whether it is a rental or something you own that was once occupied, you may notice that the previous tenants may have cleaned, but they didn’t clean well enough. The living space is void of clutter and possessions and at best the hair was removed from the sink and the floors may have been half vacuumed to give the illusion of clean. However, at closer inspection you will notice dust caked on ceiling fans and baseboards, pet hair piled up near the edges of the carpet, trash and crumbs littering the cabinets, bizarre odors emitting from the fridge, and foreign residues on the glass surfaces and mirrors. No, your new home is far from clean. We at American Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity of discussing the common chores you should conduct prior to moving in.

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Before Moving into a New House or Apartment

A few days prior moving in, depending on how many hours in a day you can dedicate to cleaning, there are some tasks that need doing that would be better before your boxes get moved in.
Deep Cleaning Bathroom: This where a lot of disinfecting comes into play. Have an approved disinfectant cleaner, some glass cleaner, and toilet cleaners ready. If there is a window, prop it open or at least turn on the exhaust fan. Wipe down all the surfaces with your disinfectant including; the light switch, light fixtures, counter tubs, toilet’s exterior, plumbing fixtures, towel rack, toilet paper rack, tub/shower and so on. Wipe down the walls and vents with soapy water and be sure to remove the cob webs. Clean the toilet’s interior with the appropriate cleaner and brush; consider replacing the lid. Shine the mirrors and be sure all the cabinets, drawers, and medicine cabinets are free from debris. Sweep the floors and mop the floor according the type; consider professional deep cleaning to get the grit out grime out of the grout and refresh the tile.
Kitchen Deep Cleaning: Start off with the appliances; microwaves, vent hoods, stoves and refrigerators, if any of them are light enough to remove, do so to clean under and/or behind it; like the refrigerator. Ensure all cabinets, pantries, drawers, and other storages areas are clear of debris. Wipe every surface down with disinfectant spray. Tend to the floors according to their type.
Miscellaneous House Cleaning: Dust off window sills and clean windows, and if applicable, give any existing blinds a thorough dusting. Clean out any additional linen closets and storage space accordingly, wash the windows, ceiling fans, and baseboards. Wipe down the light switches and door knobs with disinfectant. Ensure all the walls are clean of dust and cobwebs as well. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly.

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When moving into a new home, especially when it’s long distance, you have many things to do and even less time to do it. Instead of trying to fit in the sanitizing, cleaning, and deodorizing of your new home, call in the professionals of American Hometown Services where we can customize your cleaning needs from professional carpet and tile cleaning, to window washing, and all the standard cleaning surfaces and appliance cleaning needed. Call us today to schedule your move in cleaning service.

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