Fire Damage in Quincy IL also Leads to Smoke & Water Damage Restoration. Call American Hometown Services for Professional Clean Up, Repair & Remediation!

When you are faced with a fire in your home, you know the devastation can be catastrophic! A fire is always unplanned and because the house is usually made from a wood beam structure, fires can move very quickly. Most items that are strewn about a normal home will help to spread the fire even faster. When a fire starts to move through the home, it usually moves fast and even if you are able to stop it fairly quickly, the damage has already been done. There are actually three ways that a fire can damage your home and they each have their own ways that they will need to be cleaned up, repaired and renovated.

American Hometown Services has a rundown on each of the three ways that fire can damage your home; fire flames, smoke and water damage

Flames from a fire can damage your home

The most obvious way that a fire can damage your home is through the flames. They are what cause the items in their path to burn and turn into ash. The flames are what transfers quickly from many different objects such as walls, pillows, clothes and furniture. As the flames move throughout your home, they are causing damage in their path. The flames will only actually damage the items they touch. The flame is what has to be extinguished in order to stop the fire from getting worse and worse.

Smoke causes damage to your home during a fire

During a fire the most alarming thing is the flames themselves. They are hot and scary but there is a result of the flames burning what is in their path and that is smoke. The smoke is just as deadly as the flames and could be even more damage causing than the flames. The smoke will billow through the entire home including rooms that were not touched by the flames at all. The smoke will look for oxygen which is usually outdoors and that will send it through many different paths. The smoke will cause odor and even soot to settle on surfaces around the entire home.

Water Causes Damage During a Fire

When you think about a fire you may not always think about water damage, but when you think about how a fire is usually combated it will start to make sense. The best way to stop a fire is with water. The water is what is used to stop the flames from moving any further and will in the end be left throughout the house.

No matter what size of a fire you have in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri and Norman, Oklahoma, you will want to call American Hometown Services to have the damage cleaned up, repaired and re-mediated.

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