Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Babies in Macomb, IL? Steam Cleaning Removes, Germs, Bacteria, Pests & More

When you are adding a new addition to your family and you’re bringing a baby home most people do all they can to have the home clean. This can mean dusting, washing bedding, washing clothes, mopping floors and cleansing surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. These are all great chores to have on your to do list because you want to have a clean environment for a baby to live. The thing about having a clean home that many people don’t have on that list is cleaning the carpets. The carpets need to be cleaned professionally to remove harmful dirt and debris. The problem is that many people think that carpet cleaning is bad to have around their baby. The professional steam carpet cleaning from long ago when the industry first began was a bit harsh. Carpet cleaners were not as aware of the chemicals they used and what reactions they might have. There were reports that some people would have a rash on their skin from laying on the carpet. Others would say that their baby might have an upset stomach after playing with toys that were on the freshly cleaned carpet. These instances do hot happen anymore. Professional carpet cleaners like American Hometown Services use mostly water and ecofriendly cleaners that are safe around all members of the family. The cleaners and equipment now not only are not harmful to a baby but they are a must.

American Hometown Services Explains Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned When You Are Expecting A New Baby

Germs & Bacteria Live On Your Carpet: When you think about a new baby and people coming around them, it’s only natural to worry about germs. The germs are a problem which is why most new parents ask people to wash their hands before they handle the baby. The problem is that hands and people are not the only area that germs are living. The carpet happens to be an area that cold and flu virus causing germs and bacteria live. Not only can they live but they can last for up to 30 days. That means that when you lay your baby down on the carpet there is the potential that germs could be there. Just like you would want people to wash their hands before handling your baby, you want to have your carpets cleaned as well. The carpet cleaning company can come out and clean the carpet which will kill all the germs on them.
There Could Be Pests On Your Carpets: Would you lay your baby down where there is a pest? No one would do that so that is the other reason you need to have your carpets cleaned. There are carpet beetles that live and feed on carpet fibers. There are also dust mites that are in the air and could eventually settle on the carpet. These microscopic pests can be a real problem especially for someone that suffers from allergies and asthma. You want to be sure you have your carpets cleaned regularly to remove not only dirt but these pesky pests as well.

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