Cleaning Financial Institutions at Night in Bushnell, IL; What Should a Commercial Cleaner Checklist Include?

It has been said you can only make a first impression once, and that rings true, especially in regard to maintaining places people visit frequently, such as banks or credit unions. You need a cleaning company that understands your unique needs, and those that are prepared to provide comprehensive solutions that protects your brand image. The cleaning of your financial institution is what we at American Hometown Services would like to discuss today.

Experience Cleaning Banks

When it comes to banks, credit unions, lending facilities, and other financial institutions, American Hometown Services is the leading expert in quality cleaning services. To continue to impress and make clientele feel comfortable in a clean environment, our team of dedicated professionals understands this importance. Our team has cleaned and maintained hundreds of financial institutions just like yours.

Cleaning Banks at Night

In addition to employees maintaining light everyday duties, credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions who serve customers on a daily basis, need to have the premises cleaned after hours. The condition of your establishment impacts customers’ perceptions of your business since it can impact the chance of repeat visits. No matter if you run a single location credit union or a large, multi-branch bank within other buildings, be sure to have a clean establishment.

What Should a Bank Cleaning Checklist Include?

Below are the general tasks experts conduct to present a clean, organized establishment.
Disinfecting Bathrooms. Both employee and guest restrooms are thoroughly cleaned. Being sure to disinfect the door handles, faucets, toilets, floors, sinks, and countertops, professionals ensure they are wiped clean. In addition to floor to ceiling cleaning, trash is removed, and toiletries are restocked. Mirrors are also wiped down removing, splatters, streaks, and fingerprints.
Cleaning Offices. Any offices are properly cleaned. Dusting, floors are vacuumed, trash is removed, and all touch points are disinfected. Any glass is also wiped down.
Sanitizing High Traffic Areas. ATM touch screens and other similar surfaces are disinfected. Lobby area is completely cleaned, and the floors are cleaned accordingly. For instance, carpets are thoroughly vacuumed, and any tile floors are properly cleaned. All surfaces are dusted, and again, any glass is wiped clean.
Cleaning Teller Stations. Teller stations are among the most common features of banks, credit unions, and other similar financial institutions. For conducting business safely, these cubicles are necessary. These stations usually have windows made from tempered glass, for is both for security and organization and the panes separate the tellers from the customers. It is essential to keep these tempered glass windows clean and germ-free, for hygiene along, though there are other reasons. Any fabric or otherwise partitions are also properly cleaned.

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Ultimately, when it comes to the overall presentation of a professionally operated financial institution, it needs to be routinely cleaned and organized. Though employees can provide maintenance in during business hours, having a team of professionals actively ensure the building is properly cleaned, disinfected, and organized. This not only provides positive impressions among your guests, but it helps maintain a healthy space for your staff and visitors. Call American Hometown Services today to schedule a consultation and we can discuss the details of your cleaning services.

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