What Do I Need to Know About Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Hannibal, IL? Plank Thickness, Stain Color & More

Hardwood floors are a great choice of flooring for any home. They are beautiful and can add to any homes décor with a sophisticated option. Some people feel that hardwood floors are a better choice because of the ease when it comes to cleaning. It can be easier to clean up a stain that would normally leave a mark on your carpeted area. However, there are some things that cause hardwood floor damage that need to be looked at by a professional like American Hometown Services. Pulling chairs in and out can cause discoloration in those areas. Also in high traffic areas where shoes are walking by with dust and dirt on them can lead to the color or stain being removed. Once you decide your floors are not looking their best, you can call a professional that can come in and sand down the floors and refinish them. American Hometown Services have prepared some quick facts that you need to know when you think your hardwood floors might be ready to refinish.

What Do I Need to Know About Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Thickness of Hardwood Floor Planks – One of the things that you need to know about your floors is the thickness of the wood. You don’t want to have the floor sanded down too low and expose the plywood base. A professional floor restoration company can look at and test the floor to determine if the thickness is substantial enough to be sanded down.
Hardwood Floor Plank Bevel – There are all different types of hardwood floors and if you have a pre-finished engineered floor that needs to be restored you may lose some of the bevel. Depending on the thickness of the bevel that separates each board it can smooth out more than the original.
Hardwood Floor Stain Color – Most pre finished wood floors come with a colored stain. If you are ready to have your floor redone you will need to have them sanded down and re stained. When the color is sanded it will still have some of the color left so going with a stain that matches and complements the existing color is the best option.
Color Difference – You should not going in expecting the floors to look exactly as they did when you first got them. The color and finish will look a little bit different after hardwood floor refinishing but your floors will look beautiful when done.

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