How Do You Get Rid of Dust in the Air After a Remodel in Colchester, IL? Air Duct Cleaning & Post Construction Cleanup

The spring season is always a busy time for home renovations. Homeowners are finally starting to get some energy back after the winter season. There are several reasons why warmer weather is easier to do construction in. One being the fact that so much of the work can be done outside to help keep the mess inside down to a minimum. It’s no secret that there is a significant amount of dust when you are renovating your home. American Hometown Services is here to share some tips to help you keep the dust contained when renovating.

How to Get Rid of Dust During Renovation

No one wants the dust from their home remodel to make its way through the rest of the house. Here are some ways that you can work to contain it.
– Ventilation: If there are doors and windows that can be opened in the space you’re working in, opening them can be a great way to keep the construction dust down. Sometimes, when the weather isn’t cooperating, you aren’t able to open them, but during this time of the year it should be a possibility.
– Close Air Vents: Keeping the vents closed in the space that is being worked on is a crucial step in keeping dust out of the rest of your home. It doesn’t allow dust to get into the ductwork and then blown to other areas of the house.
– Clean Up: Sweeping and vacuuming on a daily basis once the work has wrapped up for the day will help keep the dust under control as well. It only takes a minute, but it can make a big difference.
– Cut Wood Outside: When making cuts is concerned, you will cut down a considerable amount of dust by taking care of it outside when weather permits. There will be some work that will more than likely have to be done indoors, but if you can, do as much outside as possible.
– Contain Construction Dust: Try and contain the renovation space from the rest of the house if possible, as well. You will need some plastic sheeting and tape. Create a barrier using the plastic with a door cut into it and taped shut so you can come and go from the area.
– Clean Air Ducts: Once you have finished your remodeling project, you need to have your air ducts cleaned professionally to remove any dust and debris that has likely started to accumulate in them. Even when you are vigilant, there is going to be dust that gets in your ductwork.

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