Why is Attic Clean up so Important? Removing Mold, Rodents, Dust, Air Leaks & Other Problems in Macomb IL

Your attic is one of the last things that you think about because there is usually no reason to ever go up there. The attic is usually not a space that is used except for some storage, wiring, insulation, HVAC ductwork and equipment. If you start to hear some strange noises you may need to take a trip up there to see what it could be. The best way to prevent issues from arising is to hire a professional to get it cleaned up.

American Hometown Services has a list of reasons why attic clean up is a great service.

Rodents: One of the best places for rodents to hide is a nice warm attic. Even though it is not heated like the rest of the house it is still warmer and more protected than the outside. A rodent can make a wonderful home and nest for the entire winter. If you have an attic that is left alone it makes a great quiet place for them and you may not even know for some time. If you have the attic cleaned it will remove any rodent nests and dropping that may be in there and sanitize the area. It can also clean up any viruses or bacteria that may be there because of the rodents.
Dust and Dirt: Even if you do not have anything up in the attic you are still going to get dirt and debris that will start to build up. If you just leave all this dust and debris it can start to be a problem when it comes to the air quality in your home. The air can become part of the air that is in the house and air that you and your loved ones are breathing.
Holes: Most homes are made from wood framing and over time wood can wear and eventually cracks and holes can show up. The wood was originally fitted tight together but over time the wood can shrink and cause gaps between the pieces. The problem is that the holes and cracks will allow the air that you are either heating or cooling to escape into the attic and that will cause your energy bill to raise. The air that is escaping is being wasted in the space that you are not going to use and that is going to make the ac unit run more and cost you more money.
Mold: Mold is a real issue with lots of homeowners. The attic can get moisture and condensation that will start to build up and that can cause mold to start to grow. The mold is a growth that can cause health problems for many people that are living in the house.

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