Is Pressure Washing Cleaning Worth it? Yes! Call us for Exterior Power Washing of Homes, Businesses, Walkways, Patios, Driveways etc in Hamilton IL

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home there are lots of ways to take care of it but there is one way that tops them all. Pressure washing is a way that you can get dirt, debris and stains washed off of the exterior of your home or office. Pressure washing uses a machine that pressurizes the water that is stored in a tank and sends it out of a nozzle that can be maneuvered to clean lots of surfaces safely. The water can be left cold or can be heated up for some harder to clean build up like grease or oil.

American Hometown Services has several areas that can be pressure washed to have them clean.

Power Washing Walkways: Every home and office has a concrete, tile or stone walkway that leads up to the entry or front door. This is a high traffic area and usually takes some wear. This can be from heavy foot traffic or things that are dragged by. Walkways can be used for bikes and scooters and all of these things will leave small amounts of dirt and scuff marks that over time buildup. The walkway and entry way also seems to be the stopping point on a windy day. The dirt and leaves that are blowing around end up stopping right there. The leaves that build up lend to a perfect habitat for insects to make a home; particularly spiders who love to weave webs. A pressure washer can come out and clean all the dirt and debris and leave the area looking as clean as new.

Exterior Pressure Cleaning: The exterior of your home can be made up of many different finishes. You might have siding that is made from wood, plastic or metal. You could have a stucco finish that is painted with an exterior paint color. No matter what kind of exterior finish you have, it is all going to get dirty. The dirt will start to form layers in between the wind and the rain or snow. When the dirt builds, it is usually in a pretty even layer that you may not even notice for a while. A pressure washer can safely reach to the top of the house and wash all the dirt down to the bottom and it will help with the overall look and curb appeal of your home.

Power Washing Driveways: This is an area that gets overlooked often. The driveway can start to have buildup from the tires of the car that pull in and out each day. It can also be from a car that may have a small leak that can end up leaving oil or grease on the concrete or tile. These can be hard stains to remove but a professional pressure washer can handle the job. They can use a heated pressure washing system that will break down the stains and have the driveway all clean again.

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