Why Do My Carpets Turn Brown After Spot Cleaning? Can You Fix & Prevent Carpet Wicking in Alton, IL?

When you clean a spill or stain from off of your carpet only to discover it has reappeared rather quickly, this is what’s known as carpet wicking. A stain can reappear on your carpet a few hours of even days after cleaning a stain. This can be frustrating especially if you clean the stain again only to have it reappear. To better understand why carpet wicking occurs and how to permanently stop carpet wicking, American Hometown Services will share the following helpful information.

Why Does My Carpet Turn Brown after Cleaning?

Wicking is when a stain that has been washed out comes back. This happens when moisture and or a cleaning agent is applied to the carpet, lifting the dirt and other substances that are deep within the carpet upward, revealing a stain. Most often moisture is enough to bring the staining substances up to the surface of the carpet. Wicking can occur quickly or slowly depending on how much moisture comes in contact with the carpet. Along with moisture being a major culprit for carpet wicking, slow drying carpet can also cause wicking. Often wicking is the most dramatic after the carpet has been cleaned. Essentially, wicking is due to dirt and other staining substances that are still deep within the carpet and will rise to the surface.

Can Vacuuming Prevent Carpet Wicking?

There are several steps you will need to take to prevent carpet wicking. The first step is vacuuming. Vacuuming the carpet properly will remove more dirt and other particles deep within the carpet. Proper vacuuming consists of two major elements, regular vacuuming either once to twice a week, and proper vacuuming technique. Proper vacuuming technique is simple enough. You will want to vacuum the carpet going is different directions. When vacuuming in different directions, you move the pile around allowing more dirt and particles to be sucked out of the carpet.

Spot Clean Carpet Properly

The next step you can take is to use the right cleaner for your carpet when you need to spot clean a stain. Along with using the right cleaning solvent for your type of carpets, use proper cleaning methods. For example, never scrub a stain as this will only lead to wicking. Blot at the stain and avoid rubbing or scrubbing a stain or you will only push the stain deeper into the carpet. Use a carpet cleaner that helps lift the stain up and out of the carpet and blot the surface clean. When cleaning the carpet, make sure to rinse and also get as much of the moisture out of the carpet as possible.

Avoid Oversoaking Carpet with Moisture

When deep cleaning the carpet, if you do your own carpet cleaning, avoid over soaking the carpet. This is a very common DIY carpet cleaning mistake. DIY cleaners will often over wet the carpet and they do not extract enough moisture from the carpet. This will lead to wicking and will also damage the carpet. If you wash your own carpets, use the right cleaner. Do not over soak the carpet and be thorough when extracting the moisture. It also helps the carpet if you aid in the drying process, such as opening windows or turning on fans.

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If you still have carpet wicking on your carpets, you need professional carpet cleaning. A professional will remove all of the dirt and other substances deep in the carpet that is causing the wicking. For deep and quality carpet cleaning services and more, contact American Hometown Services today.

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