Which Outside Renovation Adds the Most Value to a House in Edwardsville, IL? Exterior Paint, Outdoor Kitchen & More

It is essential to ask how much value the finished product will bring to the home when planning any renovation project. Additionally, it is still important to consider which renovations will contribute to the overall property value, no matter if you are interested in selling the property or living in it for years to come. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to discuss the best return of interest projects along with current exterior remodeling trends.

What Exterior Renovations have the Highest ROI?

Fresh Exterior House Paint: A big impact on your property can be had with a fresh paint job. According to the studies, the average ROI on a fresh coat of exterior paint is about 43%. Ensure the color schemes fit in with the style of your home and the neighborhood as a whole.
Upgrade Siding: It may be a good idea to replace the siding on your home all together. With an exterior remodel project, this can be a great chance to combine regular maintenance.
Outdoor Kitchen: Making this a top project for property owners looking to boost their ROI, outdoor kitchens or patio areas are becoming increasingly popular among buyers. To make sure any new installations withstand the test of time, be careful to research durable materials.
Update Garage Doors: Replacing the garage door on a property can have a high ROI, while this change may seem small. Find options that work within your budget and options that will blend in with the rest of the home.
Front Door Replacement: To have an ROI up to 100%, replace or repaint your front door. One of the first things people see is often a key part of your home’s exterior.
Landscaping: Crucial to boosting the overall curb appeal of your home is landscaping. Adding new shrubbery, flowers, or new trees are commonly included.

Exterior Home Remodel Trends Of 2022 to Modernize Your House

1) Outdoor Living Space. An important exterior component of any renovations includes outside living areas and spaces continue. Outdoor rooms, pools, outdoor kitchens, outdoor showers, and durable yet stylish outdoor furniture are a few common examples of outdoor additions.
2) Front Yard Lighting. They are also adding new and trendy ways to illuminate them as many homeowners are upgrading their walkways. To highlight and illuminate the walkway, a few ideas include freestanding eye-level lanterns, solar yard lights, and small path lights.
3) Decorative Walkways. Decorative concrete is becoming trendier as concrete walkways have been a staple for many residential houses. Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, colored concrete, and textured concrete are examples of decorative concrete.
4) Exterior Stone Accents. Becoming increasingly popular on the exterior of homes are stone accents. The year 2022 is looking to be focused on lighter and more sleek colored accents, though last year it was leaning towards darker stone accents
5) Wooden Window Trim. Wood is leading the way with custom window trim becoming very popular. You can make the windows pop while adding a beautiful look to the exterior of your home by combining wood window trim and headers with a lighter exterior color.
6) Retaining Walls. This year, multi-purpose retaining wall are trending, though retaining walls are a fixture for many yards in past years. They can serve as planters or housing for all sorts of outdoor decorations in addition to retaining walls that provide extra privacy.

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