What Type of Work Do You Need a Handyman for in Roxana, IL? Drywall, Painting, Carpentry, Home Repairs & More

The list of tasks that need to be done in a home is never ending. Don’t even include the cleaning maintenance, lets just talk about the repairs and updates that you need or want to have done. There are always light bulbs that need to be changed, furniture that needs to be assembled, fixtures that need to be installed, surfaces that need to be painted and/or appliances that are not working right. Most people just don’t have the time to get to all of it so they need the help of a handyman service. The ease of calling a handyman and having them take care of everything that needs done can help you rest easy. It is great to have someone come and take care of the little things and even some of the bigger projects that time just doesn’t permit you to do. If you have a need for a handyman for any home repair call American Hometown Services. Following are a few projects our handyman services can complete for you.

Drywall and Painting Contractors

Whether you want a room painted or the kids have colored the wall a handyman can take care of it. Sometimes there is an area that needs touch up and the good thing is that a handyman service can get a color match done and repair the damaged drywall and paint.

Hanging Artwork & Mirrors

You may not have thought about this but you can them come in and hang paintings, artwork and mirrors. Many paintings and mirrors are heavy and need to be anchored to the wall to ensure they are not a hazard to people in the house. Handymen have the tools and necessary equipment to hang them safely.

Handyman Carpentry Services

Did you decide that you need some new shelves hung? Do you want something that fits an odd size? American Hometown Services have the ability to come in and take care of installing shelves, doors, cabinets and much more. We have knowledge on how to fit and hang to meet all your carpentry needs.

Appliance & Fixture Home Repairs

Maybe the garbage disposal is not grinding anymore, or maybe the toilet has a leak. You can use a handyman to come and repair the gasket on the toilet and even replace the garbage disposal if necessary.

Handyman Home Repairs & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Take advantage of American Hometown Services handyman services by calling us today with your to-do list. We handle everything from small home repairs to whole home remodeling!

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