Commercial Natural Disaster Recovery in Venice, IL; What to Do After Water, Fire or Hurricane Damage & More

When small businesses become the victim of damage from a natural disaster it can have dire consequences, especially for new businesses that are just starting out. Not only can you expect the business itself to be affected, it can also have a detrimental effect on the livelihood of the employees. According to statistics provided by the American Red Cross, more than 40% of business affected by natural disaster will close their doors and remain closed. Whether you own a brand new business or an established business you can prepare for the likelihood of a natural disaster and increase your chances of survival by following these tried and true tips.

Importance of Pre Disaster Plan

As the owner of a small business you should take steps to minimize your risks before a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake or hurricane occurs. The first thing you should do if you haven’t already done so is to make sure that you add natural disaster damage as well as looting insurance to your insurance policy. Secondly, you should take into account that your emergency plan should also include minimizing damage not just to the business itself, but also to your employees. Develop a plan to check on the welfare of your employees and your employees families. One of your strategies should include delegating one employee to handle communications with disaster relief services. Always plan on having a back-up communication system in place should the first one fail. Keep in mind that a natural disaster of any description can disrupt your computer or other sources of data collection. Plan on utilizing a back-up system to store your business files including a cloud based Storage Company such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

What to Do After a Natural Disaster

If you sustain damage after a natural disaster, contact your American Hometown Services restoration expert to repair the damage and minimize the losses of your business. Not only can a professional restoration company repair and restore any damage, they can also help you get the best possible outcome from your insurance coverage. Begin the insurance claim process and research disaster loan assistance programs to help you recover. The U.S. Small businesses administration for example helps businesses recover by providing assistance through disaster relief loan programs. You should also contact your local small business development center to get help during the recover stage. Getting the right assistance can help streamline your efforts and make the recovery process easier. No matter where your business is located, the threat of natural disaster and other related losses should never be ignored. Preparation is the key; in fact the right recovery plan can increase the chances of your business surviving and opening its doors sooner rather than later.

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To learn more about professional restoration services for your small business, contact the knowledgeable experts at American Hometown Services today. We can restore your business premises to pre-disaster condition or take this opportunity to remodel it to best suit your company’s needs.

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