What to Consider when Remodeling a Guest Bathroom in Nauvoo, IL; Tub to Shower Conversion & More

More often than not, homeowners generally undergo a bathroom remodel for the master bathroom. However, there are many needs where the guest bathroom needs work, whether due to age and use or if you simply want to make it more user-friendly. With this in mind, we at American Hometown Services would like to share a few tips on how to make the guest bathroom more attractive and practical.

Guest Bathroom Remodel Considerations

Prior to having guests, evaluate the bathroom with them in mind. Note what it needs to feel more comfortable for guests to use as you look at your bathroom. This observation goes beyond basic toiletries. This exercise is to discover the missing elements that can make the guest bathroom look more appealing to use, more attractive to see, and simplify the needs. Older bathrooms often have an odor, signs of deterioration and water damage. Assess for any safety concerns such as jagged tile, slippery floor, mold and mildew issues, or even if you suspect handicap or elderly needs are likely to arise. Consider these things as you begin to plan the remodeling for your guest bathroom.

Tub to Shower Conversion & Other Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Many of these remodeling suggestions are simple and affordable. Wetter areas deteriorate faster, and they should have the primary focus, so your bathroom remodel lasts. Whether you incorporate one or multiple suggestions below, they are sure to help make your guest bathroom more user-friendly.
1) Bathroom Conversion. For those who prefer shower instead of tub or a tub instead of a shower, a conversion is the answer. Replacing a shower or tub with its opposite is one of the easiest and most convenient remodeling solutions for guest bathrooms. Whether you want to one or the other, or even install dual options, are wanting to upgrade their shower or tub area for something safer and ADA-approved, a bathroom conversion is the solution.
2) Replacing the Shower Enclosure. It is a good time for a change if the shower walls are foggy, dirty, filled with mildew, mold, or otherwise unsightly. With an abundant of options for the shower enclosure, you have many design options that suits your budget, taste, and functionality needs.
3) Replacing the Bathtub. Within your bathroom, the bathtub is one of the biggest focal points. An existing old, dingy, grimy, and unsightly bathtub should have a replacement consideration. There are countless bathtubs that are not only stunning but are offered in many designs and bonus features to make the bathing experience more than just the basic standards.
4) Remodeling Small Bathrooms. When it comes to the smaller bathrooms, some homeowners want the whole thing renovated to better accommodate their guests and style. Whether you want the shower/tub replaced, want to replace the tile, vanities, improve the lighting, and completely alter the look of the bathroom, many contractors can take care of a smaller bathroom relatively quick.

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