Common Causes of a House Fire in Carthage, IL; How to Avoid Dryer Vent, Kitchen Cooking & Electrical Fires

One of the most traumatizing and scary things that you and your family can go through is a house fire. It is compounded even more if you and your family are home when the fire starts. A house fire is very devastating no matter the amount of damage that occurs. The problem is that the damage may not look bad but can be very problematic when you need to clean it up. Restoring your home after a house fire is not a task that should be taken lightly. There are of course things that are going to be burnt from the flames and they have to be replaced. Other things can be damaged from the soot and smoke that if not treated properly will continue to emit an odor even after you re-paint. The other problem is that you will have water damage that comes from the fire department trying to stop the spread of the flames. These are all things that have to be treated professionally to protect your home and family. It is best to do all that you can to avoid a house fire so that you do not have to go through it. American Hometown Services outlines the common causes of house fires.

Dryer Vent Fires

One of the things that are commonly found to be the reason behind a house fire is the dryer that you use for your clothes. They are intended to heat up and to dry the clothes after they come out of the washing machine. The clothes dryer is not the problem but the maintenance of the dryer is the issue. The dryer has vents that need to be cleaned out and cleared between each and every cycle. The lint that is in the dryer will move through the dryer and into the vents and clog the lines. The heated air needs to have a place to escape and when it cannot escape it can lead to overheating and a potential fire. Be sure that you are caring for your clothes dryer properly.

Kitchen Cooking Fires

The other common reason behind a house fire is from cooking. This one is not hard to wrap your mind around knowing that you are using appliances that get hot and usually an open flame. You want to make sure that you use caution in your kitchen. The stovetop should be kept clear of debris that includes towels, paper product and more. They can ignite and cause a fire that can get out of hand quickly. You also want to use care when using grease because it can start a fire that is hard to put out.

Electrical Fires

We all use extension cords to plug in appliances, televisions and chargers that we want to have in a certain position around the house. The problem is that they can be overloaded that will spark. They also can be damaged and showing signs of wear. You should avoid using these cords to protect your home and property.

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