What is a Category One, Two & Three Water Loss in Venice, IL? Clean, Grey & Black Water Damage

Water damage in any form is not fun to deal with or even clean up but there are some categories of water damage that can actually be dangerous to your health. There are many ways that your home can be damaged by water whether it is a leak in the roof, a storm, or a plumbing backup you will need the help of a professional to clean up and restore your home after the damage. The different types of water damage and the amount of water damage will determine what methods need to be done to remove the water and clean up. American Hometown Services has a breakdown of the different types of water damage and how they are categorized. First the water damage is classified in the type of liquid that is involved.

Category One Water Damage

This is the best type of liquid that you can hope for if you are stuck suffering from water damage. This is water that is clean and clear and comes from a incoming water line like a bathroom or kitchen faucet or drinking fountain.

Category Two Water Damage

This is water that is one step worse than the clean water that comes from a faucet. The water is considered grey and has enough contaminants in it to cause some illness if you ingest any of it. This water usually comes from overflows that are attached to dishwashers, washing machines and toilets that contains some urine. This will require some expertise when cleaning up to be sure that all the bacteria is cleaned up and removed.

Category Three Water Damage

This is the worst level of water that can cause damage to your home. This water will have so much contaminant in it that it can cause serious illness and possibly death if you ingest it. This is a very unsanitary type of water and can come from a sewer back up that contains feces and urine from the sewer. This can also be from a flooded river that has run off and into your property and home. No matter what the source of this category three water comes from it will have bacteria growth that is bad for anyone that comes near? Be sure to contact a professional water damage clean up team to take care of water damage especially at this level.

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If you have suffered from water damage in any of the three categories be sure to call American Hometown Services to make an appointment to have the water removed and your home restored.

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