Wet Carpet Dangers in Pleasant Hill, IL; How to Detect & Remove Mold from Water Damage

Carpets have many benefits within a home. Unfortunately, a down side to having carpets it that they are prone to mold growth. Moldy carpets can have adverse health effects and cause your home to smell bad. Carpets can easily develop mold growth if moisture is not dried out within 24 hours. This can stem from water damage to a large spill on the carpet that wasn’t cleaned in a timely manner. If your home has experienced water damage that was not cleaned up within 24-48 hours, you will likely need to replace the carpets. Mold may not always be simple to detect at first as it may be growing underneath the carpets, here are some signs to look for when identifying whether or not you have mold growing on your carpets.

Carpet Smells Musty

This is perhaps one of the most obvious signs of mold growth. Mold has a prominent, musty odor. If you spend a lot of time at home, you may have gotten used to the smell. However, others may smell it, or if you leave your home for a while then return and smell it, you probably have mold growing in the home. Try to identify the area the smell is coming from so you can isolate the area needing treatment.

Black, Green or White Mold Growth on Carpet

There are many different types of mold but most manifests itself in one of these three colors. If you see this kind of discoloration on your carpets, then the mold is in its advanced stages. If you’re seeing this coloring on the top fibers, then it’s very likely that the underside and padding are infested with mold as well.

Damp & Wet Carpet

Areas that are prone to a more humid climate are the most vulnerable to mold growth, such as basements and bathrooms. If you find an area of your carpets that feels damp often, you may be experiencing a water leak somewhere beneath the floors that requires immediate attention from a professional. The best thing to do in this situation is to attempt to dry out the spot by thoroughly blotting the area and placing fans around it to help dry it out while you wait for professional help.

Mold Allergy Symptoms

Not everyone has adverse reactions to mold growth. Those most susceptible to complications from mold growth are those with respiratory ailments such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis or allergies. If you or someone in your family are experiencing itchy, red or watery eyes, runny nose, rashes or excessive sneezing or coughing, these are all signs that mold may be present.

Preventing Carpet Mold

If you have carpets in your bathroom or basement, it may be worth trying to replace the carpet with a more suitable flooring for these damp environments. Your best line of defense in preventing mold growth in your carpets is to keep them as dry as possible. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier for your home to keep humidity levels down and clean up spills or water damage as soon as they occur.

Mold Cleaning, Removal, Remediation & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Mold can be a real pain to get rid of once it’s set in. Most of the time, you will need professional help to achieve this because the carpets will need to be pulled up to assess the amount of damage done. Deep carpet steam cleaning shoots-controlled amounts of steaming hot water into the affected area, that is then removed with a powerful, truck mounted vacuum suction, removing most of the moisture while disinfecting and sanitizing the affected area, without the need for harsh chemicals. In addition to steam carpet cleaning, American Hometown Services also offers full water damage restoration including drywall repair, floor replacement and home remodeling as well as mold remediation. If you believe you have found mold growth on your carpets, give us a call. We’ll be there to help!

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