Extreme Hoarding Clean Up in Carthage, IL; Health Risks & Dangers of Cleaning Hoarder’s House

When it comes to cleaning up a hoarding situation, it can be very tempting for family and friends to start the process. Once they start, they realize just how overwhelming the process will be, without help. The amount of stuff is challenging enough, not to mention the dangers that come with DIY hoarding cleanup.

Dangers & Health Risks of DIY Hoarder Clean Up

Hoarding Sanitation Issues. Homes that are cluttered with stuff are hard to keep clean. The problem becomes even harder in a hoarding situation. An accumulation of dirt and debris creates the perfect situation for germs and bacteria to grow. When cleaning gets hard, trash and food can buildup. Rotting food and other waste can release hazardous byproducts. Unless you protect yourself, you are at risk of getting sick.
Biohazard and Waste Cleanup. A hoarding situation with rotting food and decomposing materials as well as animal and human waste, attracts unwanted pests. Clutter helps these pests remain totally hidden where they can thrive. Cleaning up after these pests means removing animals that are alive or dead, along with urine, feces and other body fluids. When animal hoarding is the problem it can become a dangerous and unhealthy environment to try and cleanup on your own.
Limited Mobility and Risk of Injury Cleaning Hoard. Extra clutter makes it very hard to move around during the cleaning process. If you aren’t careful you can get hurt. It can also make the conditions unstable when piles of stuff can fall over on hurt you.
Hoarder Structural Damage. When cleaning is neglected, property maintenance is also neglected. As clutter collects, maintenance becomes more difficult to do. Lack of repairs means increased structural problems with the increased weight. This of course compromises the integrity of the property and poses a serious safety hazard.
Fire Hazards of Hoarding. All the clutter also creates an increased risk of fire. To make matters worse it’s harder to extinguish fires when it hard to move around. Many times, hoarders will collect flammable materials that increase the risk. The clutter also makes it that much more difficult to get out in the event of a fire and harder for first responders to get to you.
Mold Growth in Home. Cluttered homes reduce airflow and proper ventilation in a home. Mold growth can be hard to spot in a cluttered home. Left unnoticed, it can become more and more dangerous. Moisture feeds mold and clutter can hide leaks. Mold also compromises a home’s structural integrity and makes it an unsafe place to live.
Poor Indoor Air Quality. The air in your home is always cycling and air that is contaminated can lead to health problems. If you don’t take the proper precautions, you are putting your health at risk as you breathe in all the contaminates that are present in a hoarding situation.

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The most dangerous part of a hoarding cleanup might just be the unknown. There’s just no way to know what’s hiding in all that stuff. If you knew, you would be able to prepare for it. Hoarding cleanup requires special care and attention to ensure safety and an effective cleanup. Contact American Hometown Services for professional hoarding cleanup services.

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