Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Cleaning in Quincy Illinois; Wax Build Up Removal Tips

Vinyl and linoleum does not age gracefully unless meticulously well cared for, and sometimes not even devoted tender, love and care still doesn’t fend off the aging effects it has. Waxing is a preventive measure in keeping the luster and shine, as well as keeping the scratches, wear and tear at bay. After time, that wax builds up, and that wax build up has a tendency to manifest a dingy-yellow discoloration, leaving the floors looking even dirtier than when you started.

American Hometown Services, Inc. would like to offer you a few methods and tips on removing the wax build up on vinyl and linoleum floors.

Vinyl Floor Wax Build Up Removal

– A large, 2 gallon preferably, pail or bucket needs to be filled with hot water.
– Mix 1 Cup dishwasher detergent with 2 Cups ammonia into the hot water. Mix until detergent is fully dissolved.
– Using a sponge mop, generously distribute the mixture on the entire floor surface.
– After the mixture has set between 5-15 minutes, begin scrubbing the floor with a scrubber edge mop.
– Once scrubbing is finished, mop up the liquid remnants. Sectioning the floor makes for an easy methodical clean up.
– Continue following each section until level of build up is removed. Some tougher sections, and base boards may require elbow grease, and tackled by hand.
– With a clean towel or rag, dry your floor.
– Rinse, with clear hot water with a scrubber mop to remove any lingering wax build up.
– Dry the floor with a clean dry, towel or rag, and thoroughly dry the floor a second time.

Linoleum Floor Wax Build Up Removal

– In a large bucket or pail, mix 1 Cup of cream of tartar and 1 Gallon of white vinegar, and stir until tartar is fully dissolved.
– In a circular motion, hand scrub the floors.
– Using a sectional method, scrub an area of floor and immediately wipe dry, continue throughout the whole floor.
– Stubborn areas may need a few repeat steps.
– After you have done you best, rinse with hot water with a scrubber mop, and complete the entire floor surface.
– Dry thoroughly.

Additional Floor Cleaning Tips

– Floors need the wax build up removal method 3-4 times a year. The less wax build up, the easier the process will be.
– There are several commercial ready detergents on the market, if you prefer to go this route, make sure to read the labels and make sure it is safe for your particular floor’s material. Always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to be sure your floor will not be compromised in color or integrity.
– After the build wax has been removed, and floors are effectively dry, apply a fresh coat of wax.

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In today’s quick pace life style, many cannot afford the time to tackle this project themselves. Whether that is your situation, or you are physically incapable or even if the wax build up is too stubborn, American Hometown Service, Inc can accomplish the service for you among out many other services. Call us for a consultation.

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