Air Duct Cleaning Methods, Equipment & Cost; Improving Air Quality & Removing Air Contaminants in Macomb IL

When home owners make their Saturday chore list, it usually consists of tasks like washing the windows, cleaning the floor, getting the laundry caught up and dusting. One area of your home that collects a great deal of dust and dirt is often over looked when it comes to regular house chores. This area is your home’s air ducts. The general rule of thumb is that if your air ducts appear to be dirty, then they most likely are but it’s also what you don’t see lurking deeper inside your duct work. Air duct cleaning is not an easy task to complete on your own and you are better off hiring a professional who has skills and experience cleaning air ducts.

Indoor Air Quality Pollution

There are many benefits to cleaning air ducts that will improve the quality of living for you and your family. The quality of air coming in and out of your home should be on the top of your list when it comes to your house priorities. Breathing in clean air means your home is providing you and your family with a healthy and comfortable living environment. In a typical six room house, up to forty pounds of dust is created annually just through every day living. Your heating and cooling systems are the lungs of your home, taking air in and breathing it out into your home.

Air Contaminants in the Home

Through normal every day occupation of the home, families generate a great deal of contaminants that end up floating around in the air you are breathing. These contaminants come from a few different sources including dander, dust and chemicals. These materials can be brought into your home by simply leaving a door or window open or even a family pet that comes in and out of the home frequently. These contaminants are sucked into your HVAC system and re-circulated throughout your home five to seven times a day. When you choose to have your air ducts cleaned, you are removing harmful contaminants from your home and improving the quality of air that you and your family are breathing.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw, Hancock & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri | Norman, Oklahoma

When your air ducts get weighed down with dust, dirt, dander and other materials, your HVAC system is forced to work harder and longer. This can result in your unit completely burning out and costing you a great deal of money in repairs or even complete HVAC replacement. When you have clean air ducts, you are saving energy, allowing your unit to reach set temperatures without having to run for very long. Save time, energy, money and improve the quality of air in your home by getting your air ducts cleaned today. Contact American Hometown Services today for excellent service and guaranteed results.

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