Top Causes of Water Damage in Your Barry, IL Home; Restoration After Leaking Water Pipe or Appliance, Rain & More

One of the things you never want to encounter is damage to your house that is substantial. Small amounts of damage such as a hole in the drywall from moving a couch or a window broken from a rogue baseball are manageable. There are other types of damage that are extreme and are devastating for a family to have to deal with. Some of them are acts of extreme weather, termites or other pests and fires. The other thing you may end up dealing with is water damage. Water damage is scary because of the health risk that is brings with it. The health risks include mold and mildew growth that is bad for your respiratory system. It can lead to illness as well as death if you continue to live in the area that the mold and mildew spores are living. That is why it is at the utmost importance to have your home remediated by a professional. American Hometown Services outlines the most common causes of water damage in a home.

Leaking Water Pipe

One of the things that are commonly found to cause water damage in a home are when you have pipes that are leaking. There are pipes that are carrying water to and from your house that are hidden behind walls and flooring. When they start to leak, many people don’t realize it at first and only recognize the problem when there is an odor. The odor means that mold and mildew has already started to grow. The pipes at the connections can become loose and this will cause the water to leak out. It can be minor and continually cause water damage over time or it can be extreme. The leaking pipes are a main source of water damage in homes.

Refrigerator Flooded Kitchen?

If you think about the appliances that are in your home there are several that use water to operate. The water that they take in goes through the water lines and are then sent back out through the drain system. These can all go bad and when you run or use the appliance they can leak water and cause damage. Some of the appliances that use water in your house are the washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator and hot water heater. They all can leak water and cause a serious amount of water damage.

Water Damage from Rain

Another reason that homes have become damaged from water is when there is a bad storm. The storm can come in hard and heavy and drop a serious amount of water that can lead to flooding. When the flooding occurs it can get in your house and cause your belongings to be soaked and damaged. The hardest part about this type of water damage is that you are not alone and the work that is needed has to be stretch out. It also means that you are not able to do the work until the storm has stopped.

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