House Cigarette Smoke Removal Tips in Griggsville, IL; Air Duct Cleaning, Interior Painting, Deep House Cleaning & More

Cigarette smoke can be harsh to anyone, but to nonsmokers especially. The toxic fumes induce gagging or coughing reflexes when that smell assaults the delicate nasal passages. In more severe instances, a person can be so sensitive to the odors that it can make them sick. Though there are many reasons that can inspire one to remove the heavy odors from the home. From noticing the smell after quitting, moving into a new home, or trying to sell one you smoked in. In any case, though it can be challenging, we at American Hometown Services would like to share a few important steps that can help you conquer these odors.

Clean Indoor Air Pollution

Cleaning the air is the first step. The air holds onto the odor molecules, making them constantly known. If the weather permits and you are comfortable, open up all the windows and doors. The fresh air helps immediately. To help neutralize the molecules, place a bowl of white vinegar in every room. Be sure it is out of reach of kids and pets. Orange and lemon peelings can also help deodorize. A conventional and effective method is to boils the citrus peelings. Also, be sure to change the HVAC system filters and schedule air duct cleaning if you are overdue.

Deep House Cleaning to Get Rid of Bad Smells

Cleaning the house makes a difference in the smell as well. Start with wiping the ceilings and walls down. To ensure the colors and materials won’t be compromised, always perform a patch test, and diluting bleach can ensure the contaminates on the walls and ceilings are removed. Be cautious on wood, and carpets by making sure you are using a safe cleaning/deodorizing cleaner on these surfaces. Clean cupboards down bookshelves, lamp shades, and anything that is exposed to cigarette smoke as it is essential that nothing is overlooked in order to efficiently remove odors.

Can Paint Cover Cigarette Smoke?

You may have to do a paint job on the ceiling and walls in the event after the area cleaned still wreaks of cigarette smoke. To prevent the odor from seeping through over time, be sure to use a sealant before painting. A professional handyman from American Hometown Services, Inc. will gladly assist if painting isn’t your thing.

Drapery & Fabric Blind Cleaning

The blinds, curtains, and/or drapes are often overlooked when cleaning, especially when targeting odors. For removing odors, a hot water and vinegar mixture is among the most effective. Vinegar can potentially lighten colors, so be sure to avoid oversaturation or letting the solution sit for too long. After, always rinse 5-10 minutes. Cigarette odors cling to fabrics, be sure to keep that in mind when deodorizing your home. Clothes also need to attention to completely get rid of the smell if you were the smoker.

Professional Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Carpets need attention to remove the cigarette odors. Being naturally prone to absorption, they collect odor molecules and it continues to accumulate. In this instance, it is strongly recommended you hire a professional to ensure the odor molecules are eliminated. However, if you try a home remedy or a product, be sure it is safe on the carpet / upholstery with a patch test. With the help of American Hometown Services, we can hep you combat the cigarette smell out of our home. We offer a number of solutions that are effective and affordable. Contact us today!

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