Tips for Power Washing Fences & Decks Before Staining in Warsaw, IL; Practice, Use Lowest Pressure Setting Needed & More

Pressure washing is an effective way to clean many areas of a home and property. Pressure washing can clean deeply and remove much of the dirt and other elements that occur over time. There are many uses for interior and exterior cleaning. However it’s not as simple as most people believe it is. Pressure washing if not done correctly can cause damage, especially to those wooden surfaces. American Hometown Services wants to list the do’s and don’ts of pressure cleaning those wooden surfaces, such as decks and fences to help prevent damages that later will lead to expensive replacements.

The Do’s of Pressure Cleaning

– One of the first do’s we strongly encourage is practice. Start in a small area and test the pressure washer on the fence or deck area and see how it reacts to the pressure washer. See how it handles and understand how it works before you commit to the whole area.
– Also start with the lowest setting or lowest pressure setting and work your way up from there to see what pressure is needed for the task.
– Use a wide angle such as a 25-40 degree tip on wooden or softer surfaces. The wider angles are best to protect wood from damages.
– Start pressure washing from a far distance. Then gradually work closer until you’re at the right distance for the task. Take one step at a time as you move closer and closer to the deck or fence surface.
– Start pressure washing the fence from the bottom and work your way up. Use a sweeping arc motion as you work your way up the fence. This will help to prevent strikes and other marks left behind.
– Pay attention to the other side of the fence and deck or other objects around the area you are cleaning. Make sure you’re not causing damages or worse—injury to another person on the other side of the fence near the area you are cleaning.
– Always wear proper safety gear and clothing. Wear non-slip boots, gloves, heavy pants and shirt and safety glasses when using a pressure washer.

The Don’ts of Pressure Washing

– The don’ts of pressure washing can cause damages and injuries. To start, don’t use hot water on wooden surfaces; always use cold.
– Don’t bring the spray tip too close, such as within 1 or 2 feet of the wood or it will damage it. Also don’t use anything higher than 500 to 800 psi for cleaning decks or fences. Anything higher will just cause damage and is unnecessary for wooden surfaces.
– Avoid using the pressure washer on glass or other objects near your working area. Also avoid contact with the pressure washer on pets, and people for it can and often does cause injuries.
– Pressure washers can hurt a person so don’t wear lose thin clothes or wear flip flops most especially. Many foot injuries occur when someone isn’t paying attention and hits their own foot with the spray nozzle.

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Here are the many dos and don’ts that are sometimes overlooked. American Hometown Services wants to better the understanding of the nature of pressure washing. For many, you may want to hire a professional for tasks such as wood or delicate surfaces if you’re not very familiar with pressure washing. American Hometown Services can help those with their outdoor cleaning projects and pressure washing needs anywhere you may find them. Call us and see what we can do for you.

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