Symptoms of Mold in Air Ducts & Vents in Mendon, IL. Does Air Duct Cleaning Remove It?

Having any kind of mold growth in the home is a frustrating issue that comes with a lot of headaches, and most homeowners would rather avoid this situation. Mold can sneak up in many households, even in the cleanest of homes. Mold will thrive in humid and dark environments and dine on the dust and debris. More often than not, people do not realize they have been exposed to mold as it gains strength in the cover of darkness. Mold can trigger asthma and allergies for those sensitive to it, and over long-term exposure people can develop chronic, to flu-like symptoms. Not only is mold a health risk, but it accelerates deterioration and weakens the materials it is growing on. Mold is commonly found in air ducts, due to the perfect living conditions and how easily spores can float into the ducts. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to share some suggestions and tips on how you can avoid mold growth in the air ducts.

Signs of Mold in Air Ducts & Vents

Within the HVAC system, the drip pan, coils, and ductwork are the likely locations for mold to grow. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms can also be affected by mold growth due to the constant moisture exposure, especially if there are dark corners. The most common symptoms to mold, depending on the persons tolerance, is coughing, respiratory problems and itchy eyes, in addition other irritations and symptoms.

Mold Identification

Identifying the mold is easy if you know what to look for. Look for mold, moisture, and condensation during an inspection of the registers, drip pans, coils and duct work. Check for common areas in the bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms as well. Mold may not be visible, so be sure to follow your nose as well. Mold has a distinct, mildew-like scent and often gets stronger the closer you get to the source. If you ever find mold growth, you should not only deal with situation with a mold remediation expert, but you should follow up with an air duct cleaning.

How to Prevent Mold in Air Ducts

Preventative measures are in your better interests, as mold growth is better avoided in the first place. Apply the following steps to prevent mold from growing on your HVAC system.
– Replace or clean the air filters every 4-8 weeks on a routine basis.
– Routinely clean drip pans.
– Make sure that the air ducts are sealed.
– Avoid the dust and dirt from accumulating HVAC registers, equipment, and ductwork.
– Call an HVAC expert if any moisture is building up around the appliances or other components.
– Use exhaust fans in the bathrooms and other high-moisture content rooms. Keep windows closed during rainstorms and repair any leaks in the roof or plumbing.

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Investing in deep cleaning of floors and tile and grout surfaces can help maintain a mold-free environment. If you discover mold growth in your home or air ducts, American Hometown Services offers air duct cleaning and mold remediation services to ensure the mold growth in your home is effectively removed.

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