Dangers of Hoarding in Camp Point, IL; Cleaning to Avoid Health Problems, Fire Risks & More

These days it seems like there is a reality television show on just about every topic out there. Social experiments like Survivor or Big Brother were two of the first reality shows that really got a lot of traction. They were soon followed by talent competitions, lifestyle choices, polygamy, organizing, parenting, cooking, and so much more. If you watch very much reality television you have probably watched an episode or two of a show that addresses addiction and hoarding. As you watch the shows about hoarders you may have thought about the possible dangers associated with hoarding. Today American Hometown Services is going to dive into some of the dangers of hoarding.

What is a Hoarding Disorder?

First let’s talk about what hoarding is. Hoarding can be defined as a combination of compulsions and behaviors where a person gathers, collects, or stores certain items. Humans and animals both hoard. Many animals hoard food to help them through different seasons where food will not be easy to find. Today we are going to focus on humans that hoard.

Signs of a Hoarder

If you are not sure if you or a loved one might be a hoarder see if you have any of these signs. You may have difficulty throwing items away. You will find yourself saving items that have very little value. Many hoarders have mild to extreme anxiety about throwing items away. As you start hoarding you will have an extremely hard time staying organized. You will think about your possessions obsessively. Most hoarders eventually isolate themselves socially and will not let people in their homes. Just because you have one or two of these symptoms does not mean you have an issue with hoarding. Many times hoarding starts very slowly innocently. They will start to save items that they believe have value or will bring value to their future. Over time hoarders will find themselves holding onto more and more different types of items in their home.

Health Concerns & Dangers of Hoarding

As your hoarding increases there are multiple health concerns you will want to think about. When you have items all over your home it is practically impossible to keep your home clean. Mold spores are frequently found in homes where hoarding is a problem. Mold in your home can cause severe health problems for you and your loved ones.
In addition to mold bugs are more likely to make a home in your mess that will go undetected. The longer that these bugs have to grow and multiply in your home the larger the issues can be. Different bugs and insects can cause Lyme disease, E. coli, salmonella, and many other diseases. The excessive clutter can cause a variety of issues. If you are in need of help from emergency workers they will not be able to reach you and your family as quickly because they will have to crawl through all of your clutter first. In extreme cases they may not be able to reach you in time to save you. The clutter can also block airflow in your home. This could cause your levels of oxygen to decrease to an unsafe level.

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If your home has become a ground for hoarding objects you will want to address the problem. Here at American Hometown Services, we can help you! We offer hoarding cleanup services. Let us come out and help you get your house back to the way it should be. Contact us today!

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