Stages of Post Construction Site Cleanup in Wood River, IL; From Rough to Detailed & Final Touch Up Cleaning

Whether you are having major renovation, remodeling, add-on or an entire building is being constructed, the site will need to be cleaned. Once the project has been finished the final step is to get the building cleaned and ready to be moved into. For residential or commercial construction, both will need a post construction cleaning. Post construction cleaning is a specialty service that cleans a recently completed construction project. The entire building is cleaned inside and out. American Hometown Services would like to share the phases of a post construction cleaning and why it is so important!

Phase 1. Rough Cleaning

You can break down a post construction cleaning into three major phases. The first phase occurs right after all of the electric, plumbing and framing has been completed. It is important to keep the construction site clean even during construction. This first phase of post construction cleaning’s main focus is the removal of large debris, trash, and left over materials. The small debris and dust is than vacuumed and or swept. Other minor cleaning is done during the first phase such as the removal of stickers on doors and windows, along with any other miscellaneous tasks that will make the next phases of cleaning easier.

Phase 2. Cleaning of Entire Building

Once construction has been completed, it is time to clean the building inside and out. On the outside, debris is removed and the exterior walls are pressure cleaned and the windows are washed. On the inside a cleaning service will start high dusting, which includes light fixtures, and cleaning the inside of the windows. It is important to start with the higher surfaces first, as dust will fall. As the cleaning progresses downward, lower surfaces are wiped clean until finally the floors undergo a basic cleaning. The entire building will be dusted, wiped down and cleaned, which removes all of the dust and particles that were the result of the construction.

Phase 3. Detailed Cleaning, Polishing and/or Waxing

Once the entire building has received a basic cleaning inside and out, it is time for the detailed cleaning. Depending on the materials and fixtures used inside the building, a number of materials will need to be cleaned, polished or waxed. Toilets, sink and faucets are cleaned and polished. The wooden material will be polished as well. Carpet will be vacuumed and cleaned to ensure they have no dust and are perfectly cleaned. Natural stone, VCT flooring, and or tile will be cleaned thoroughly polished, honed or waxed. The materials that require special cleaning and treatment is done during the final phase of post construction cleaning. After the final phase of cleaning the entire building is clean and sparkling and it is ready to be moved into, whether it is a business or family.

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During a construction project, the project is not complete until the site has been thoroughly cleaned. Post construction cleaning can ensure the building received the cleaning it needs and completes the construction project. For post construction cleaning and much more, contact American Hometown Services today.

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