Signs Your Property Needs Pressure Cleaning in Prairie City, IL; Mold, Oil Stains, Streaks & More

Many people take pride in their homes and do everything they can to make sure the presentation is immaculate. The landscaping is well-manicured, the yard is kept tidy, and everything is in place. Pressure washing can help keep the curb appeal up as well as maintain the overall health and condition of the exterior of your home and property. Where many people are unsure when pressure washing is necessary, there are a few signs homeowners can look out for that can give you an indication you are due for pressure cleaning. Today, we at American Hometown Services, Inc would like to share these signs.

Black Streaks on Roof Shingles

The roof has a lot of wear; from enduring all forms of weather, the layers of repairs, and the age deterioration. Roofs need to be repaired when there are leaks and wear, but when there is discoloration, this indicates that you need pressure washing. For example, noticing black marks smudges along the rooftop are not stains caused from dirt or plants. These unsightly streaks are actually a form of algae that eats limestone, in addition to pollution residues, dirt and debris, that all contribute to the acceleration of deterioration. With pressure washing services, you can avoid damage and costly repairs while boosting the aesthetics of the roof.

Dirty House Can Cause a Rise in your Energy Bills

An indirect tell, that many do not realize that indicates you need a pressure cleaning for your home, is fairly surprising to most. Because your home’s exterior is packed with dirt or snow, your energy bill is abnormally high, especially if there are no signs of any of the windows or doors needing repairs. The buildup will cause your HVAC system to work harder, which increases the energy usage and your utility bills.

Mold & Mildew on Outside of House

Any mildew and mold growth on the various exterior surfaces not only need a pressure cleaning, but you need it sooner than later. Mold and mildew grow quickly, so when you notice its presence, requires you to act fast. Mold and mild are not only an eyesore, but it can impact your health, and contribute to property damage, especially if the spores are able to make their way indoors.

Oil Stains on Driveway

Driveways undergo a lot of abuse, and within a short amount of time, it can show. Making the buildup of gunk on driveways a common occurrence, the concrete absorbs dirt quickly and easily. Driveways accumulate the dirt and debris, chewed gum, oil stains, and even the mold growth. Driveways need regular pressure washing to maintain the aesthetics and curb appeal as well as safety and longevity.

Pressure Wash a House Before Painting or a Deck Before Refinishing

It is definitely time to consider a pressure wash if you are looking to refinish the deck or repaint the home. Being that even the highest quality paints and finishes have difficulty sticking to and covering dirt, the finished result often looks patchy and uneven. Pressure washing before breaking out your coveralls to enhance your home’s color is beautifully vibrant and even

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