Restroom Cleaning & Bathroom Odor Removal, Mold & Mildew Remediation Tips in Adams County, IL

It seems everyone gets to battle bathroom odor at one time or another in their lives. Usually it’s a rental unit, house or apartment, or when we purchase a home that needs TLC. No matter how much you clean the bathroom, the odor always seem to emanate far too soon.

American Hometown Services would like to help lighten the load and give you a few tips on neutralizing that bathroom odor.

– Conduct an inspection. Many odors derive from stagnant water festering and mildew and mold can be born. Probe every fixture and pipes including shower, tubs, toilets and sinks. Inspect the flooring and walls for evidence any leaking or water damage. Should you discover any, repair or replace accordingly. If mold is discovered, contact American Hometown Services, Inc for immediate removal.
– Roll up your sleeves. Cleaning a bathroom can require quite a bit more maintenance and elbow grease than an average cleaning. Starting with the toilet, make sure every nook and cranny is scrubbed with a designated toilet cleaner. Be sure to apply a good disinfectant around the entire toilet and wipe down thoroughly. Hit the shower/tub, sinks and counter tops with a bacteria fighting detergents to eliminate mildew. Be sure to do a wipe down of bottles and tubes left out so residue doesn’t buildup on the containers. Ascertain trash cans are regularly treated and cleaned to reduce garbage odors. Finally scrub the floors with safe antibacterial detergent to ensure mildew is stopped in its tracks.
– Take out the trash. It is common for the garbage receptacle to be for gotten. Develop a habit of taking the trash out a minimum of once a week. Use trash can liners to make sure nothing is growing on the bottom.
– Attend the fabrics. The bathroom is one of the most moist environments of your home. Moisture is where many odors are made. Fabric in moistened areas become soiled and often need re-freshening. Towels, wash clothes, shower curtains and bath rugs, all need regular washing and care. Don’t allow damp fabric to go undisturbed. Towels that have gone unwashed can carry lingering odors. To remove odor, wash in the washing machine through the first cycle with 1/2 cup of vinegar, than immediately run an additional cycle with your favorite detergent. Click both washing cycles to the hottest water setting. Dry them thoroughly before folding and putting away, or re-hanging them.
– Shower curtains. After a shower, pull your shower curtain partially closed. Water trapped in a tightly opened shower curtain could produce mildew to grow in the folds where the water can’t escape. Allowing the curtain to remain open will allow air circulation to dry the shower curtain quickly.
– Final tip. An air freshener plug in, or even an automobile freshener hanger is a good investment. Keep the bathroom door closed to contain more of the air freshening perfumes.

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If you are having a rough time removing odors, need help with bathroom or restroom cleaning, or suspect mold or mildew, contact American Hometown Services, Inc to tackle the job and get your bathrooms and restrooms clean and odor free.

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