Checklist Tips For Moving Out for the First, Second or Final Time and In to your New Home or Apartment in Madison County IL!

Relocating homes can either be an exciting quest, or an unappealing adventure. In this economy, the average Joe, is renting more and more; apartments or houses or everything in between. Regardless of the situation, not only do you have to pack and move your belongings and make arrangements for a new living space; you need to clean the old place to get back your deposit and clean the new home for your arrival. Like you weren’t busy enough!

American Hometown Services would like to offer you some tips and advice on cleaning for the move out and the move in.

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving out just needs the minimum attention. You want to ensure your deposit gets returned but often the property management companies or property owners repaint, repair, replace, and do some sanitizing of their own for the new dweller. Keep the cleaning light and don’t overdo it. Save that energy for the new home. With that in mind, let’s get down business.

1. Cleaning and Caring for Walls: Remove the remaining nails, screws, hooks, tacks. If there are damaged holes much bigger than a nail hole, touch them up with your choice of spackling mud, or something similar. Be sure the mud is smooth and even to the wall.
– If you were permitted to paint your walls a color more suited for your personality, many homeowners write it into the lease that it is your responsible to paint them back to white. If this is your case, now is the time to paint.
– Be sure to clean away any stains or dings.

2. Floor Cleaning: On the bare floors, pick up any trash and clutter. Sweep well, and wipe down with at least warm water to remove any stains or sticky residue. If you prefer adding your favorite cleanser to the water it is your choice. – Carpeted floors require a good vacuuming.

3. Cleaning Bathrooms: All trash and debris should be disposed of. Once all surface areas are free from clutter, use your disinfectant spray and allow it to set. Apply toilet bowl cleaner and allow to set. Open a window for fresh air.
– While your chemicals are doing their jobs, wipe down mirrors.
– Sweep the floors.
– Scrub the surface the toilet bowl and surface areas clean.
– Mop down the floor with a bucket of warm water (detergent is optional).

4. Kitchen Cleaning: Make sure all trash and debris is removed, including any rubbish from cabinets and refrigerators.
– Apply a multi-surface cleaner to the surrounding surfaces and wipe down.
– Be sure the floor is swept and mopped with at least warm water to remove the dirt and sticky layer.

5. Miscellaneous Cleaning: Make sure to take a duster to the window sills and fixtures. If windows are in dire need, give them a quick cleaning.

Moving In Cleaning Checklist

This new home is now your living space and you will want to make sure everything is cleaned and sanitized before utilizing your new place.

1. Bathroom Cleaning: Now is the time to use your choice detergents and cleaners for the ultimate cleaning, sanitizing and purification.
– Apply your cleaners to ALL surface areas. Countertops, toilets, tub and shower, door knobs and light switches. Also add toilet bowl cleaner and allow your chemicals to work their magic. Open a window for relief of inhaling cleaners.
– Wipe down mirrors thoroughly.
-Sweep the floors well.
– Scrub ALL surface areas of your bathroom, and be sure the toilet bowl is given its attention.
– Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the bathroom, mop the floors and plug in your favorite scented air freshener.

2. Cleaning Kitchens: Now is a good time to thoroughly clean vent hoods, stoves and refrigerators.
– Make sure cabinets are free from food debris and other dirt and grime.
– Give the surface areas a thorough cleaning using a multi-purpose disinfecting spray and wipe clean.
– Sweep and mop the floor in detail.

3. Floor Cleaning: Sweep, vacuum or dust mop, mop, and polish the floors efficiently.
– Don’t forget to wipe the baseboards down.

4. Miscellaneous Cleaning: Dust off window sills and clean windows, and if applicable, give any existing blinds a dusting.
– Ensure storage closets are cleaned, wiped down and floors are attended.
– Wipe down walls, ceiling fans and light fixtures.

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Cleaning both homes can be an exhausting and time consuming task. Especially if there are time limits in place. Instead of adding more stress and fatigue to your life, hire American Hometown Services, Inc. to clean your old home efficiently, and your new home meticulously. Call us today!

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