Residential & Commercial Post Construction Cleaning Checklist & Tips; Remove Debris, Dust, Deep Clean & More

Doing construction on your home or office is a serious undertaking. Even if you hire a contractor to do the work and run the job, there is still a lot that you need to do as the owner of the property. All the design decisions lay on your head. One way that many people are choosing to cut costs is to do some of the work on their own. A room addition or a kitchen remodel will take a lot of expertise and work. On top of all the work and permits that go into any kind of construction there is all the finishing touches and the cleaning. After you have done all the work there is still a lot that needs to be done. One of the main things is the cleaning. During construction there is dirt, dust, debris and trash that is left on the job that will need to be cleaned to decorate and add the finishing touches. The best thing to do is to hire a company to come out and do the post construction clean up so you can take some time to relax and focus on the finishing touches and putting the room or rooms back together.

American Hometown Services Outlines What Goes Into Post Construction Clean Up & Why You Should Use A Professional Cleaning Company

Remove Debris: When there is a lot of work going on in a construction site there is not always time to remove the trash and debris. It can be anything from empty boxes to scraps of wood or tile. The cleaning company has the ability to go through the site and remove any excess debris that is left behind after the work has been done.
Dust the Entire Area: One of the biggest issues when you are working in a space is the amount of dust that is created while working. The dust can come from cutting wood and tile. It can be from sanding, hanging drywall and painting the room. The dust is a huge problem and will be settling over time. No surface is safe from dust and even the areas that you may have covered will end up with dust on them. The cleaning company will come out and wash and wipe down all surfaces. That can be counters, walls, shelves and even the ceiling. The great thing is that they know what to do to take care of the dust and what order to clean to keep it all under control. Once the dust has been controlled and cleaned the next step can happen.
Deep Cleaning: After the dusting and debris removal the room will need to be cleaned well. Whether it is a bathroom or a kitchen, the room needs to also have a general cleaning. This is the final clean that is done so that you can then come in and decorate and design the room.

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