Categories & Classes of Water Intrusion in Macomb, IL; Damage Cleanup, Restoration & Remediation Needed

Not all water damage is treated the same because each disaster has its own unique set of circumstances. The type of water and the amount of damage are two of the main concerns that a water damage restoration company will be looking at when starting their cleanup effort and making repairs. The water damage can come from a small leak to a major disaster. No matter what level you are dealing with, you are going to need to have a professional come out and do the restoration. Water damage has the ability to really destroy a property and the longer it takes to get cleaned up the worse the issue will end up being. Water is one of the things that is able to destroy all sorts of different materials. It can ruin wood beams, metal, drywall and even concrete. Water damage restoration is necessary to make sure that the entire problem is taken care of so that no mold or mildew will grow. If left untreated the water and moisture can continue to cause problems that can lead to even more damage and repairs. American Hometown Services lists levels and categories that come with water damage.

Categories Of Water Damage

When you are dealing with water damage to your home or property, there are different levels of water contamination. The different types of water will determine the category and that will help the clean up crew know what to do to best remedy the situation.
Category 1 Water Intrusion: This is the category that is the best in terms of water damage. The water that damages the home is from a clean source. You can have a tub or sink overfill or any other clean water source. The water damage can still be substantial but the risks from the actual water is not as bad.
Category 2 Water Damage: When you are dealing with water damage that is considered in category two the water will have some contamination. The water usually from a source such as a dishwasher or a washing machine. The water is not clean and clear but has only small amounts of bacteria or contaminates. This water will need to be treated with care because it has the ability to make you sick if ingested.
Category 3 Water Contamination: If you are dealing with a category three issue you need to be extremely cautious. This water can be full of bacteria, germs, and other living particles that are extremely dangerous to be around. The water damage can be from a sewer back up which is one of the most severe and dangerous.

Classes Of Water Damage

When you are dealing with water the category is only one part. The other part is the class of damage that you have suffered. There are three levels to help determine what amount of repairs and work will need to be done.
Class One Water Spill: If you are dealing with a level one water damage issue you are lucky. The water is only found in a small area as well as on surfaces that are not as permeably. You can have the water damage cleaned up fairly easily.
Class Two Water Damage: This is the most common type of water damage that homeowners have to deal with. It means that an entire room has been damaged as well as the water wicking up the walls at least a foot. The carpet and other materials are wet and most likely there is moisture still in the home that will need to be extracted.
Class Three Water Destruction: This is usually the situation when the flooring, ceiling and walls have all been damaged from water. The water often has come from an upstairs bathroom or major leak in the roof. The water can soak through several levels of the home causing more substantial damage.
Class Four Water Devastation: This is the last and most dire circumstance to find yourself in. The water has had time to soak into all types of surfaces that include the ones that are not very permeable such as concrete.

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