Post Construction Cleaners Scope of Work Checklist in Sciota, IL; Phase Cleaning & More

The construction of homes and all other buildings will create a lot of dust and debris around the construction site. Whether an office building, residential complex, or retail center, once it’s finished being built, the next step is the post construction clean up. After construction has finished the windows are often powdered with dust, floors are dirty and so much more. American Hometown Services will share the top tips for post construction clean up.

New Construction Cleaning Pre Inspection

Post construction isn’t like basic cleaning services as it can be full of hazardous elements due to the recent construction. These elements may be still present. Construction tools, hardware, and leftover materials may still be on the site which the cleaning crew will need to work around. The post construction cleaning service team must first do a sweep of the entire site and see what hazardous obstacles may be present. Additionally, each building will contain different materials that require different solvents and cleaning tools. Tile or VCT flooring requires much different cleaning needs as those with wood or carpet floors. It helps the cleaning crew to know what feature’s the building contains for proper cleaning. During a post construction cleaning it is often recommended for a pre-inspection of the site, first to help make the cleaning process more efficient as well as safer for the crew.

Post Construction Power Requirements

The larger the site is, the large the cleaning tools will be. In most cases, by the time post construction cleaning is needed, power has been installed and is active on site. However, there are those rare cases that the power isn’t activated, such as in residential complexes. It is important to know if there is power on the site. When a cleaning service is hired for post construction cleaning, the service should always ask about power before going to the site. Large industrial sized vacuum cleaners, a variety of floor cleaning machines, pressure cleaners and more are often used to clean large sites, both inside and outside.

Construction Phase Cleaning

Depending on the scale of the construction site, it can get overwhelming. This is where a phase clean approach is often used. It is important to break down the cleaning in proper steps, starting with the air ducts. The air ducts should be pretty clean. However, before any major cleaning is to begin, the HVAC system should be running for a while to push out any fresh dust that may have accumulated during construction and if needed, the air ducts should be cleaned. You don’t want dust from the HVAC system circulating and settling in your newly cleaned building. Next, large debris or remnants of the construction will need to be removed and properly disposed of. Next, cleaning always begins high. Ceilings, walls and light fixtures should be cleaned first. Continue working downward onto other surfaces, such as counter tops, sinks, toilets, and etc. These will all be cleaned until the cleaning service reaches the floor, which is often the last feature to be cleaned. However, each cleaning service has their own phase approach.

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