How to Get Old Dried & Wet Blood Stains Out of Carpet in Blandinsville, IL; Hydrogen Peroxide & More

There are lots of stains that can appear on your carpet. You can see anything from a mug of coffee that has slipped off the table to a plate of dinner that was dropped. There are lots of stains from things that we use ordinarily in the house. Some people like to paint their nails, some use makeup, some have grease on their shoes from the garage and more. The issue is that many of these stains can end up on the carpet and you need to know the best method to remove them. There are some stains that seem harder to remove and one of those is a blood stain. Have you ever sliced your finger and dripped blood on the carpet? Have you ever had a kid run through the house and bang their head on a corner? Pets are also known for getting injuries that are unseen at first and blood can be the result. You want to make sure that you deal with the blood in the right way so that you do not set the stain. American Hometown Services outlines what you need to do to remove a blood stain from your carpet.

Cold Water Carpet Blood Stain Removal

If the blood stain is quite fresh you can try to use the cold water application to remove it. The tip is to get a water bottle that you can purchase at the store and add some cold water to it. Make sure that the water is cold and not warm or even room temperature. You can toss in an ice cube to cool it down before you use it. The cold water will allow you to dilute the stain without setting it in the carpet. Use the spray bottle on the area that has the blood and follow up with a clean cloth that you can dab at the space. You want to use a clean cloth and repeat the process if necessary. This usually has enough to clean the stain and remove the blood.

Does Salt Remove Blood from Carpet?

If you are working with a blood stain that is a little more substantial you want to be able to remove it as easily as possible. One of the things that you can use is the same cold water but you will mix in simple table salt. Start with some cold water and add salt until the mixture is a paste. Then use that paste to lay over the top of the blood stain. This process will pull the blood away from the carpet and allow you to remove the paste when it has dried out. You can pick up the pieces of vacuum them after it has had time to dry out.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Blood Stains on Carpet

If you want to work with a stain that is fresh or has had some time to sit you can use hydrogen peroxide. The best way to do it is to wet down the area with the peroxide and allow it to sit for about 60 minutes. You will see it start to bubble and this is the active way that it is pulling the stain off the carpet. Then you can use a clean cloth to dab at the spot and take the stain away.

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