Personality Traits of Hoarding as Opposed to Collecting Things in Macomb, IL; No Organization to Clutter

For those that suffer from a hoarding disorder, it is a problem that is much more serious than simply “collecting” items. While many hoarders hide under the umbrella of collecting, there are several signs that indicate the problem is serious. American Hometown Services is here to talk about some signs that indicate a hoarding problem rather than a “pack rat” problem.

No Organization to the Clutter in the Home

When you walk into the home of your loved one and find that there is no order to the chaos, and clutter doesn’t have a specific spot; this is a sign that the problem is bigger than you thought. Those with a hoarding disorder have clutter everywhere that seems to have no order or organization to it. Piles are getting higher and higher, and the furniture is getting covered to the point that you can’t use it for what is was intended in severe cases.

No Value to the Collected Items

Many people that deal with a compulsive hoarding disorder don’t collect things that hold any value at all. These items might include junk mail, booklets or brochures, broken items, and more. If the items filling the house don’t hold any value, this is another sign of hoarding.

Dealing with Unsanitary Homes

Everyone has times when their homes aren’t completely clean. When dealing with a hoarding problem, it goes beyond that. Whether it is unwashed dishes, pet droppings, bathrooms that clearly haven’t been cleaned in a long while, or even mounds of laundry that hasn’t been washed for a long time; these are all signs of a hoarding disorder. Many hoarders live in conditions that go beyond messy.

Increased Isolation, Not Wanting Visitors

Most hoarders know they have a problem, but don’t want anybody coming in their home to try and clean it up and take their treasures. Hoarders are also more than likely experiencing feelings of shame and want to keep their problem a secret.

Defensive Behavior When Parting with Items

Many of us have belongings that we cherish and would have a hard time getting rid of. Imagine if your home was filled with items that you felt that way about. Hoarders are very attached to the items in their home and will show signs of defensiveness when asked to part with their belongings. Those with hoarding disorders have a hard time getting rid of anything.

Hoarding Cleanup Services & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Hoarding disorders are a serious problem, and no one can force a hoarder to change the circumstances in which they live. It needs to be a decision that they are ready to make. When you or your loved one is ready to clean up, American Hometown Services is here to help. We understand the man power that it takes to clean up in these situations and have the professional training needed to offer assistance in this endeavor. If you or your loved one have sought the emotional guidance and counseling needed and are ready to clean up your home, we are ready to help you. Call us today!

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