Checklist for What to Do After a House Fire in Warsaw, IL; Record Keeping, Clean Up Methods & More

When you have experienced a house fire the devastation is extreme. Even a small fire is enough to put you out and require an extensive amount of work. The first thing that you need to do after a fire is to be sure that everyone has made it to safety. It is hard to know where to start the clean up when you experience a fire but organization is key. You want to be sure that you know what to do and what order so that all the work is done properly. Your personal belongings are important and you want to be able to recover them but working through insurance to get work started is even more important. Many times a fire can ruin an entire home along with all the contents while other fires are contained to a single area.

American Hometown Services Outline the Steps You Should Take After You Have Suffered a House Fire

Assistance After a Fire: This is a great time to rally the help of some friends and family. You will need to find a binder and some paper to start to track any and all steps that you need to take. This organization is key in getting the work done. One important aspect to keep track of is if you are dealing with insurance. Be sure to note the conversations and who you talked to. You can make notes of dates, times and money that was discussed. You can also request help in finding a restoration company that will be able to do the work. The work needs to be done by a professional that specializes in fire damage restoration. Just cleaning up and painting over will not remove the smell and will not be structurally safe. A standard cleaning service or just a regular contractor is not ideal. You want to have access to a company that will make the repairs as well as treat for smoke damage and odor. The quicker you make contact the faster you will be back in your home.
Make a Plan for Fire Damage Clean Up: When you contact a restoration company you want to be sure that you have a plan from them. You want to keep whatever can be salvaged and you should know what they are doing and a timeline. Just like any type of cleaning and restoration the timeline may need to be adjusted for unforeseen damage. You want to be sure that you know the plan and when they are working so you can be ready to move when they are completed.
Don’t Make These Fire Damage Mistakes: People think it is a great idea to start some of the cleaning on their own before the professionals arrive. This is usually a terrible idea and could lead to more damage and extend the time needed to clean up. You want to have your items evaluated by a professional first such as electronics, stored foods and carpeting. Depending on the exposure they may need to be completely removed.

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