Move Out House & Apartment Cleaning Checklist for Owners & Tenants in East Alton, IL

People experience the need to move at some point in their lives. Some folks do it often, where others do it minimally. In any case, when it comes time to make your move, cleaning is usually a part of the equation. Especially for those currently in a rental, cleaning before the final inspection is mandatory if you want your security deposit back. With all the stress of moving, cleaning might be the farthest thing from your mind. With that in mind, we at American Hometown Service would like to list for you the important things to cover when you perform the cleaning duties to move out of the rental.

General Move Out Cleaning Checklist

1. Begin by removing all of the tacks, nails, and screws from the walls and ceiling. Be sure to apply a filling putty of your choosing and carefully smooth it evenly with the walls.
2. Dust from the top to the bottom. Ceiling fixtures such as ceiling fans and lights should be carefully dusted and polished. Be sure the light is turned off to avoid burning yourself.
3. Dust the ledges of your door frames, window sills and frames, baseboards, and built in shelves.
4. Wipe down the dust off walls and remove any cobwebs. Spot clean if necessary.
5. Clean windows, if possible, interior and exterior.
6. Wipe down door knobs, light switches and outlet covers. Do not use wet cloths around live power outlets.
7. Carpets need to be well vacuumed and removed of any stains that happened while you were living there. If necessary, professional help might be the most productive option.
8. Sweep or dust mop the hard floor surfaces according to their material and mop accordingly.

Move Out Bathroom Cleaning

1. Tile and grout surfaces throughout the entire bathroom need to be scrubbed to free them from soap scum and mildew.
2. Drawers, medicine cabinets, and other storage cabinets should be cleared of any debris and wiped down. If any liners are present, toss them. Make sure all hair and other debris is removed.
3. Toilets, countertops, sinks and showers need attention. Use appropriate cleaners to ensure they are cleaned and sanitized. If the toilet seat is beyond cleaning, replace it.
4. Clean the mirror from top to bottom.
5. If the surface of the exhaust fan is dusty and you didn’t touch on it beforehand, use the vacuum hose to suck away the dust.
6. Clean the floors by sweeping away the dirt, hair and other debris, and mop it well with the appropriate cleaner formulated for that’s specific surface.

Move Out Kitchen Cleaning

1. Clean out cabinets and drawers. Toss liners and trash and wipe them down inside and out.
2. Countertops should be wiped down with a disinfectant.
3. Sink and faucet needs be cleaned to shine.
4. Refrigerator needs to be thoroughly scrubbed, inside and out.
5. Oven and stove needs to be cleaned inside and out. Steel wool pads are perfect for the oven.
6. Dishwasher needs to be cleaned inside and out.
7. Clean inside and outside of the microwave.
8. Dust the exhaust fan if needed.
9. If you are able, pull out the appliances and sweep and spot mop behind them.

Move Out Cleaning of Garage

1. Make sure all trash and bulky debris is disposed of.
2. Sweep the floor.

And if your rental home had a yard:
1. Perform any tasks for the landscape that was your responsibility in the lease agreement.

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With quite an extensive cleaning list, it can be a burden and often overwhelming to try to make time for the cleaning that needs to be conducted before the final inspection. Instead, hire American Hometown Services to clean your old home for you with our move out cleaning service and your new place with move in cleaning! Call us today to schedule your move out cleaning.

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