Managing Commercial Carpet Spills in East Alton, IL; How to Prevent High Traffic & Other Stains on Carpet

When it comes to the spills between customers and employees, managing commercial carpets can be challenging. The spots and stains found tarnishing your carpets can be damaging to the professional appearance, even in an otherwise well-kept business space. In addition to being quite the distraction, stains and spots on your carpet often generate a poor impression on your business. They can be especially difficult to remove since the spills may not always be seen and immediately treated, giving the substance time to stain. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to help you manage the spills that might happen on your commercial carpeting.

How to Manage High Traffic Stains on Carpet>

1) Encourage staff to report carpet spills. In most businesses, few report a spill on the carpet to the employees, usually in fear of repercussion and embarrassment. When these spills linger, they absorb into the carpet and become a tough stain. If not treated quickly, the salad dressing, dark liquids, coffee, oils, and other substance spills can set in quickly.
2) Be careful eating and drinking around carpeting. As a major contributor to spots and stains, commercial carpets are frequently impacted by visitors and staff members eat and drink on carpets. By providing drinks and food for their employees, many companies want to accommodate guests by offering refreshments and some want to encourage productivity. You always run the risk of accidental spills when people eat or drink on the carpet. Encourage staff to respond to spills appropriately to help prevent the carpet stains.
3) Dealing with careless customers. Customers will sometimes bring a food or drink for themselves, but they will frequently have it snacks, juice boxes, crackers, other snacks, markers, and other entertainment materials to keep their kids busy. Few of these parents will clean up after themselves and fewer after their children in this situation as well.

How to Prevent Commercial Carpet Stains

To help you avoid short term and even long-term spots and stains that can drab the presentation of your business, consider the applications below to help your business manage the carpet spills more efficiently.
1) Reduce trash cans and increase the recycle bins. According to research studies, when there are fewer trash cans available, waste and accidents are greatly reduced. Reduce spills by cutting down on them eating and drinking over carpeted areas as well as putting recycle bins at the desks, and trash cans in the common areas encouraged the staff to eat and drink in the areas where the waste baskets were convenient.
2) Provide reward incentives for clean carpets. Providing strong incentives or rewards for your staff can help significantly to help you combat spots and treat spills quickly. Present them a free lunch or gift cards for the department with the cleanest carpets at the end of each quarter for example.
3) Professional carpet cleaning scheduling. To help you minimize them by getting your carpets cleaned professionally, you can’t avoid spills, spots and stains on your commercial carpets. In order to keep your carpets looking vibrant, clean, and spotless, be sure schedule routine carpet cleaning.

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