Lazy Housekeeping Hacks & House Cleaning Myths Everyone Should Know to Avoid in Quincy, IL

It’s always great when we can discover new ways to clean that work, but there are cleaning hacks that just don’t work. American Hometown Services list some cleaning hacks that should be avoided at all costs!

Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning Hacks that Don’t Work

1. Hot water doesn’t kill germs. Hot water is good to use when it comes to cleaning, but as far as killing bacteria on contaminated surfaces, it won’t work. The water will have to be at least 212 degrees F and it will need to be in contact with the infected surface for a long time to do it. Considering the temperature on most water heaters is set to 120 degrees F, it will not do the job when it comes to germ killing. You will need to add a disinfectant like chlorine bleach to make sure bacteria is eliminated.
2. Coke doesn’t really clean a toilet. You’re supposed to drink Coke, not use it as a cleaner. While stains can be removed with a little phosphorus and citric acid, no amount of coca cola will kill bacteria. All it will do is leave a sticky residue on the surface that will serve as food for bacteria. Use effective disinfecting cleaners instead.
3. Vinegar to remove water stains on wood surfaces. Vinegar is great as a cleaning agent, but not on all surfaces. It will not remove water rings on wooden surfaces, and the acid in it can damage the polish of the wood. Prevent water damage in the first place by using coasters.
4. Hairspray doesn’t remove stains on carpet and sofas. Hairspray doesn’t contain as much alcohol as it once did, so it won’t work all that well to remove stains. It can even damage the fabric on your furniture or your carpet.
5. Lemon juice doesn’t remove stains from plastic containers. Lemon juice simply won’t work on plastics, even if you let it sit for 24 hours. Lemons are for lemonade, not for cleaning.
6. Mouthwash to clean your washer. This is just absurd! Your washer is in no way like your mouth! You will need to use commercial cleaners to wash your washing machine.
7. Microwave doesn’t disinfect a sponge. The heat of the microwave will not kill all the bacteria in a sponge. Using cotton or microfiber cloths allows you to throw them in the wash to clean them properly.
8. More detergent doesn’t mean cleaner clothes. This is a no-no. More is not always better. More detergent just makes it harder for you washer to rinse it out of your clothes. You’re better off using less of a better-quality detergent instead.
9. Banana skin doesn’t polish shoes. While banana peels contain potassium that’s good for your body, it will do nothing to polish your shoes. Your shoes will be covered in a stringy banana mess. Throw the banana peel away and use a shoe cleaner instead.
10. Tomato sauce doesn’t clean or polish silver. Tomato sauce tastes good but it’s not meant to be used to shine your silver, even with the acetic acid that’s in it. You’ll just be left with a mess if you try this hack. A polish cloth will be much more effective.

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