How to Revive High Traffic, Flat & Matted Carpet in Macomb, IL; Professional Steam Cleaning!

Carpets are subjected to plenty of abuse and over time, it can show. The carpets can look dingy, worn, and aged well before their time. Constant foot traffic, especially if filthy shoes are often worn indoors, kids’ activities that can result in messes, potential pet contributions, accidental spills, accumulated odors, and other such abuse makes the carpet look unsightly. Additionally, odors are more common then you may even realize; it often takes homeowners to leave for a period before they realize the carpets emit odors. After the odors become obvious, suddenly, the carpets look dingier, the spots and stains are more dominant, and the carpet looks lifeless. There is however, an alternative to re-carpeting (which can get pricey when you look for quality carpets) and that is to rejuvenate the carpets with a deep, comprehensive carpet cleaning. American Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to expound on how a professional can breathe life back into carpets.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning to Unflatten Matted Carpets & More

1) Remove old carpet stains. The kids’ crafting messes, agitated coffee stains, your pets’ repeated accidents are annoying reminders your carpet is not picture-perfect. These substances, among many others can be difficult to remove, especially if they had any time to sit and absorb into the carpets’ fibers. For an out of sight out of mind approach, many may consider tossing an area rug over the top, but eventually, fate will step in and the rug will not be the best route to have taken. You don’t have to camouflage the stain with the area rugs and furniture but instead remove the stains and spots, neutralize the odors, and restore your carpets texture and appearance with help of proven techniques executed by trained professionals in conjunction with the powerful extraction equipment and quality products.
2) Neutralize odors in carpet. Carpet stains are often paired with odors. Due to surrounding circumstances, carpets can frequently develop odors. Removing the source of the odors and the odor molecules, the deep carpet cleaning ensures that the odors are effectively neutralized with the potent products formulated to attack and defeat odors, leaving the carpets fresh.
3) Carpet cleaning helps relieve allergies. Vacuuming is a major part of maintenance, but even with diligent daily vacuuming, it is simply impossible to remove all of the dry soil, allergens, and contaminates from the layers building up below the surface. After time, a professional cleaning gets the deep-rooted filth that makes the carpet look old and dingy removed to revitalize the color, making it look vibrant and vivid again.
4) Restore matted carpet fibers. The furniture sitting in areas for too long is the biggest culprit for altering the carpets fibers and the major impressions can be a major blemish if you rearrange or get rid of some furniture. A professional cleaning can better restore these fibers to their natural state to make the carpets look immaculate.

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Instead of spending thousands of dollars to replace the carpets, contact American Hometown Services today and let our professionals restore your carpets with a clean, sanitize, and deodorize approach.

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