Importance & Benefits of a Clean, Tidy & Safe Office or Working Environment in Macomb, IL

The cleanliness of an office does a lot for the morale of the employees that work there and because your employees spend at least 8 hours of their day there, it’s important. This is where all the hard work happens, and it may be the place where you meet with customers and associates.

Benefits of a Clean Office

Healthier Employees– Working environments that aren’t clean become the perfect breeding ground for germs and allergens. When employees are sick they take time off work and allergy sufferers will feel tired and irritated all day, making them less productive. A clean office can avoid these issues and is better for the bottom line of the company.
Better Professional image– You want to make a good first impression, right? If your office is messy it can make your office look disorganized and unprofessional. Bad first impressions can result in lost business and a bad reputation.
Higher productivity– Regularly cleaned offices result in a clean and fresh smelling environment to work in. The mental boost that will make employees concentrate better and have a stronger work ethic.

How to Keep Your Office Clean

1. Important cleaning rules– Many offices are a second home to employees and we want it to be neat and clean. Following a few easy rules will make the work environment more pleasant and having everyone be a part of keeping it clean makes it easier.
2. Create a schedule– Anyone that works in an office eventually sees that tasks need to be scheduled and delegated the right way. Create a spreadsheet and have everyone share the tasks and change then up so everyone realizes the effort involved to keep the office clean.
3. Have cleaning basic supplies on hand– To make it easy for everyone to get involved, make sure you have basic supplies on hand. If you give people an excuse to skip it, they will! These supplies include; disinfectant spray, lots of clean cloths, broom and dust pan, detergent and sponges, mop and bucket and a vacuum cleaner.
4. Have a suggestion board– Some employees might find it had to speak up about cleaning issues in the office. An easy fix if to have a suggestion board or box, so ideas can be left without having to call each other out.
5. Take garbage out daily– This is an easy way to prevent unpleasant odors and pests from developing overnight. Ask employees to take a few minutes towards the end of the day to take the garbage out. If anything, it gives them an excuse to step away for their desk for 5 minutes!

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