How to Remove Static Electricity from Carpet in Glen Carbon, IL; Anti Static Spray, Humidifier & More

Remember as kids one of our most favorite pranks we use to do is dragging are feet on the carpet and then zapping the closest victim near you. Now as kids it was fun, but as adults it becomes annoying to you and everyone else around you. There are several reasons why carpet builds up static and there are a few tricks to help with these problems. American Hometown Services will share how you can prevent static from building up and why it happens.

What Cause Static Shock in House

Let’s discuss why static builds up in the first place. There are many reasons why carpet can build up static. You may notice that as you walk your body will build up an electric charge and when you come in contact with an object, it will discharge the electric shock. Now there are just some types of carpet fibers and padding in homes that have a tendency to build electricity. Carpets that are made of nylon will create more electricity than carpets made of polyester or wool.

Humidifier to Remove Static Electricity from Carpet

Now we know that some carpets just build up an electric charge, what can be done to stop it? If at all possible, not dragging your feet will help eliminate static buildup. Static develops when the air becomes dry. Low humidity will also cause a static charge to build up in carpets. Using a humidifier will help bring moisture into a dry room. As you add moisture, the water collected on the surface provides a protective layer that prevents an electric charge from building up on the carpet.

Anti Static Spray for Carpet

There are many products on today’s market that can also help reduce electric charges on carpets. These products provide a protective layer that prevents static from building up. There are some spray-on anti-static products such as Staticide or Shadow FX. These as well as other products can be found in commercial stores. However, there is a draw back with some of these products. They can make the floor sticky. In turn, this causes the floor to build up dirt which will require regular carpet cleaning or you’ll live with a dirty carpet. Another drawback is that you will have to apply the sprays often. Unfortunately the sprays are not a onetime cure. Since this is the case, you might find opening windows and using a humidifier will be much better than dealing with a sticky store bought product.

Homemade Anti Static Spray

If you would still like to use a carpet treatment, you can make your own homemade anti-electric spray to reduce electrical charges in your carpets and without making them sticky. To create your homemade remedy start by mixing 1tbp of rubbing alcohol, 1tbp of fabric softener and 8oz. of water in a spray bottle. The alcohol will help make the liquid evaporate quicker and will prevent that sticky surface. The fabric softener will make everything less conductive, which means less electric charges build up. This is a great and cheaper way to keep your carpets from building static energy, especially after you had your carpets cleaned. The same goes for new carpet that was freshly installed and has a lot of static charges.

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If you’re tired of all of the electric build up in your carpets there are ways to prevent them. American Hometown Services hope we were able to help you battle against those annoying shocks, whether they are pranks or not. For all of your carpet cleaning needs, American Hometown Services can provide this service. Call us today.

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