Carpet Care Myths in Hartford, IL; Clean Carpets Don’t Get Dirty Faster, Carpet Deodorizer Doesn’t Work & More

As technology evolves and the way we do things change with time, there are some shifts that need to be made in our thinking as well. Things you used to know as fact, may indeed now be a myth. The way we clean our carpets has changed drastically throughout the years and there are some common misconceptions that have come with that. American Hometown Services is here to clarify some of those myths and reveal the facts behind them.

Does New Carpet Need Cleaning?

Just because you have new carpet, doesn’t mean that you should put off having it professionally cleaned. If anything, you should be more vigilant in keeping it clean and in good condition by having it cleaned professionally. Just because you can’t visibly see the dirt and debris that accumulate in your carpet right away, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If you wait until your carpet is visibly dirty to have it cleaned by a professional, there has already been a certain amount of damage done to the carpet and not all of it can be reversed.

Does Clean Carpet Get Dirty Faster?

This might be true in years past, but now, with the way carpeting is cleaned, this is far from true. The equipment used to clean carpets uses far less water and soapy solution to clean your carpets. Carpet cleaning equipment is much better at extracting water from carpeting as it is cleaned and doesn’t leave behind a residue like in years past. You are better off having your carpets professionally cleaned than putting it off.

Does Carpet Deodorizer Work?

Even though these products claim to be vacuumed up next time you vacuum, they end up leaving a residue on your carpeting that will damage it. Not only are they harmful to your carpets, but they will create more dust in your home and bring down the indoor air quality.

Is Vacuuming Carpet Once a Week Enough?

Your carpeting acts as a filter for dust, pollen, dust mites, and other debris. If you are only vacuuming once a week, these debris continue to accumulate and are harder to get rid of. You should be vacuuming your carpet every day to avoid damage that the fine dust and sand that accumulates on your carpet causes.

Can I Dry Wet Carpet Myself After a Flood or Water Damage Emergency?

When your home has fallen victim to water and flood damage, working quickly is key. The drying process needs to happen within the first 24-48 hours to avoid any mold or mildew growth. There is a science to cleaning up flood damage and restoring your carpet and that should be left to professionals. Without the proper tools and equipment, the chances of saving your carpeting are slim. Don’t hesitate to call on a professional carpet cleaning company like American Hometown Services to help you clean the mess up.

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Having your carpets cleaned professionally twice a year is recommended in order to increase the air quality in your home as well as keep your carpeting clean. American Hometown Services has trained technicians with the experience and tools to make your carpeting as clean as possible. Call us today!

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