How to Remove Dust, Allergens, Mold, Pests & Odors from Ductwork in Edwardsville, IL; Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Through day to day living and over time, there is a surprising mess being made. The air ducts are a black hole that collect a surprising number of debris and contaminants since ductwork is out of sight, and too often, out of mind. There is a quite a bit of particulates that travel in the air when the HVAC system is operational. In addition to the occasional unique concerns that can also be a problem in your air ducts, the normal pollutants that will buildup in the ducts occurs daily. With the span of pollutants in the ducts, we at American Hometown Services would like to cover these contaminants.

Bugs, Rodents & Pests in Ductwork

Along with the air ducts, the crawlspace or attics are often overlooked. Pests like bugs, mice and birds will make their way into your ducts through tiny openings or cracks in the joints between pieces of ductwork, especially in older buildings since they can easily get into the house. Pests can get through the vents as well. Should you think you have pests in your ductwork making a mess, duct cleaning experts, such as American Hometown Services can help.

Mold in Air Vents & Ducts

The accumulation of mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses occurs in your air ducts over the years. With high humidity levels in your home, water vapor is allowed to cling to dust, allergens, and dander can happen. Being hazardous to human’s mold is dangerous especially when it is inhaled into your lungs.

Moisture and/or Fire Damage in Air Ducts

These toxic produced particulates that will make into the air ducts and contaminate the airflow when you experience any kind of flood in your home or have smoke and/or fire damage. You can keep these pollutants with the professional help.

Dust in Air Ducts & Vents

In your air ducts, dust is probably the most obvious thing that builds up. The small particles that consist of dust includes minerals, pollen, dander, dead skin cells, and tiny fiber. Due to the excessive dust causes your HVAC equipment to run less efficiently, it may cause problems with your lungs. To vacuum out all of the dust in your air ducts, experts of American Hometown Services, Inc can take care of it in just a few hours.

Allergens in Air Ducts

No matter how good your air filter is, the indoor and outdoor allergens are bound to get into your air ducts at some point. In the event you have indoor dogs or cats, pet dander collects in your air ducts and around your vents. The pollen from the outside gets inside through open doors and windows, in addition to coming in on people’s clothing. American Hometown Services, Inc help minimize these allergens after we clean out your air ducts.

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