How to Keep House Clean with a Toddler Throwing Food & Making Messes in Macomb, IL

Cleaning your house is something that is an ongoing chore. When you’re done cleaning one area there is another area that will need your attention. The house is always being used and that means that the chores are really never done. What makes doing chores and cleaning the house even harder can be the amount of people that are living there. The more people you have in the house the more they will use it and leave a mess behind. When it comes to the messiest type of people, toddlers seem to take the cake. They are a tiny little ball of energy that is able to make it from one end of the house to the other taking their mess along the way. You need to have some skills to keep up with your daily duties are well as clean up after a toddler.

American Hometown Services List Tricks to Clean Up When Your Home With a Toddler

Toddler Throwing Food at Mealtimes: If you ask any mom what their biggest trouble is with a toddler at home is that they are able to produce crumbs from sun up to sun down. They usually are snacking through the day and carrying a cup around with their favorite crackers or chips. As they wander around the house those little crumbs drop as they go. No area is off limits when your toddler is on the loose. That means you need a way to get to those crumbs and control them. A great tip you can use is to have a handheld vacuum that is small enough to grab and follow them around. If you choose to just use your regular stand up vacuum the time it takes to get it out, plug it in and use it can be enough to prevent you from doing it. A quick handheld vacuum is great to just grab and walk to where the baby has left you a special pile of crumbs.
Using Blankets as Couch Covers: On top of toddlers taking crumbs everywhere they go it seems like their hands and face have a mess often. They also are known for touching everything that they are around. This means that your couches will take a hit when they jump up to watch their favorite cartoon. The best thing that you can do is to have a blanket that you use to cover your couches or chairs during the day. This may not be a great way to show off your best décor but your couch will save you. You can roll up the blanket at the end of the day and run it through the washing machine.
High Chair Placement: You also want to be sure you keep your toddlers high chair in the same spot so that the cleanup is easier. You can also use a mat under the chair that is easy to wash off and dump any lost food off of. Don’t move the chair around for meals because that will just create more areas to clean at the end of the day.

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