Busting Mold Myths with Facts in Quincy, IL; How Much Mold Exposure is Harmful & More

Mold is common but where it comes from is where it may become confusing. There are many ideas and rumors floating around about mold that just aren’t true. The word “mold” can strike fear in many people, and while mold can be scary, a little knowledge can help you figure out what is true and what isn’t. This knowledge will help you deal with mold.

Mold Disease & Other Myths

1. All kinds of mold are bad. Blue cheese is made with mold and penicillin is a medicine that many people use. So not all mold is bad.
2. All mold causes health issues. Yes, mold is responsible for causing health issues, but the way people are affected will vary. Mold produces allergens. Some people will be allergic to these allergens while others will not. The sensitivity of the individual will determine how the mold will affect them. Those that are highly sensitive will experience breathing problems, nose bleeds and itchy, watery eyes. People with immune systems that are already compromised in some way, will have more serious problems if there is repeated exposure.
3. There needs to be zero mold present. Mold is everywhere and very natural. The air you breathe has mold spores in it. The only way to avoid it is to live in a bubble. You don’t need to worry about the fact you have mold inside, it’s how much of it that you need to worry about. There should never be mold growing on the walls or on the surfaces as it can pose a problem and lead to allergic reactions. You will always live with mold but how much of it is livable is the burning question. Because it affects everyone differently, this answer is still up for discussion. You should always seek medical attention if you feel you’re dealing with symptoms related to mold.
4. Bleach kills mold. This is only half true. While it can kill some types of mold on non-porous surfaces, it’s unclear as to whether it can kill mold on porous surfaces, like wood for example. For this reason, it’s not recommended to use bleach to “kill” mold as it poses its own risks. It’s also strong enough to cause further damage if used incorrectly.
5. Mold only needs to be killed, not removed. It’s a mistake to think that killing mold is enough. Mold needs to be removed completely, otherwise the allergens and mold will spread. The best solution is to hire professional mold remediation services.
6. Mold isn’t scary, it’s natural. Even though mold is natural, prolonged exposure can be bad for your health. Mold needs to be taken care of as soon as it is discovered, otherwise it can deteriorate your home.
7. A little mold isn’t dangerous. If your mold problem is to the point that you see it, you have a serious problem on your hands. You can liken mold to an iceberg, you can see the tip of it but most of the problems is hidden. Seeing a little bit of mold is a sure sign there’s more growing that is unseen.

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Most homeowners are not equipped to perform proper mold remediation. The cause needs to be identified, the area needs to be isolated and then cleaned correctly. Contact American Hometown Services for professional mold remediation.

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