How Often Should You Clean the Exterior of Your House & How Do I Keep My Outdoor Space Clean in Barry, IL?

Just like keeping the inside of your home is an endless job, so is maintaining a clean exterior. With constant exposure to the elements, it can be challenging to keep a clean and crisp appearance. Since there are many areas that can go unnoticed until it is obvious, they are grimy, a lot of pollution, debris, and contaminates can easily get inside your home. Keeping your home clean is easiest accomplished through regularly cleaning different areas. The house slowly becomes messier and dirtier when you let the cleaning chores pile up before you decide to tackle them. Maintenance is a lot easier than letting chores pile up and cleaning from scratch again, after the area is cleaned. Staying in the habit will help you keep areas and surfaces clean all year long. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to elaborate on keeping your exterior clean with the help of pressure cleaning services.

What Surfaces Can Be Pressure Washed?

When it comes to pressure cleaning, many surface materials can be treated to maximize the cleanliness and sanitation. Surfaces such as wood, concrete, pavement, vinyl siding, pressure treated decking, composite decks, and more can all be cleaned well with pressure cleaning. You are likely to forget about the outside with your focus on the inside of your home, but with pressure cleaning, many surfaces can be done. Though you do not have to clean these surfaces as frequently as you clean your kitchen floor for example, you still need to clean the exterior a few times a year.

Can You Pressure Wash a Deck, House, Sidewalk & More

To keep the exterior of your home in good shape, pressure cleaning is one of the best ways. When it comes to cleaning various different areas of your home exterior, you can call a pressure washing professional. Below is a basic list of the surfaces that can be pressure cleaned of the exterior of your home.
– Patio or deck
– Outdoor play areas
– Outdoor furniture
– Walkways
– Sidings
– Roof
– Picket fencing
– Gardening equipment (wheelbarrows etc.)
– Garage floor
– Driveways

Power Washing Before Painting & Staining

To ensure the outside stays clean, schedule a pressure cleaning 1-2 times a year, or more if necessary, depending on your environment. Not only will this make a good first impression with people visiting your property for the first time, but this tactic will also improve your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, if you want to repaint it soon, cleaning the exterior of the outside is also necessary. Likewise, when you want to redo the finishing on your patio or deck, cleaning the surface first well is essential.

Pressure Cleaning, Power Washing & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

When it comes to your professional pressure washing cleaning, consider schedule pressure cleaning services with the experts of American Hometown Services. Our professionals have the training and experience and use advanced equipment and premium products to ensure to maximize the results. With the correct use of the equipment according to the surface materials, you can rely on our technicians to ensure your surfaces are cleaned safely. Call us to discuss your next project today!

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