How Long Does it Take Carpet to Dry & How to Speed Up Drying After Steam Cleaning Carpets in Granite City, IL?

After they invest in a deep professional carpet cleaning, many homeowners want to know how long to expect the carpets will be damp until they are fully dry. Wanting to know is fair considering most professionals recommend avoiding foot traffic until the carpets are completely dry. Unfortunately, if you hire the wrong carpet cleaner, it can take over a week for carpets to dry, and that is unacceptable since it has come to our attention that some low quality, inexpensive “professionals” have the audacity to leave the carpets so wet after their service. Though there are several circumstances can expedite the time or even expand it, most professional’s goal is to have them dry within 4-8 hours. To help consumers better understand how long it could take for their carpets to dry following a professional cleaning, we at American Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on those circumstances today.

How Long Does it Take for Different Types of Carpet to Dry?

Because every situation is different before, during, and after a carpet cleaning service, dry time varies from every home. The type of carpet being cleaned is one of the primary factors. They actually play a major role in the dry time with the variety of materials used to manufacture carpets. For instance, polypropylene carpeting doesn’t absorb any water, which leaves all the moisture on the surface whereas wool carpet can absorb up to 30% of its weight with water. The polypropylene carpet feels damp for far longer because of that in comparison. Also, shorter carpets dry faster than shaggy carpet.

Drying Time Depends on Frequency of Carpet Cleaning

How often the carpets are cleaned professionally is another consideration to the dry time. Requiring more cleaning products to break the embedded soil loose are the carpets that do not cleaned professionally but every few years will have a buildup of compacted soil thus using more water to rinse and extract the cleaners and soil. Compared to carpets with the lesser soil that are routinely cleaned every 6-12 months, the carpets with more soil will take longer to dry.

Does Temperature & Humidity Affect Carpet Drying?

Additional factors that are configured into dry time include weather and climate conditions. Especially in compared to warmer weather and dryer climates, climates with higher humidity and during the colder weather will take longer for the carpets to dry. With heat and air movement, moisture can evaporate a lot faster. Because the moisture has difficulty getting into the already heavy air, environments that are cold and the air is heavy with moisture takes evaporation far longer.

Carpet Cleaning Method

Due to their preferred cleaning method, the dry time can be influenced by the various professionals lastly. Particularly when it comes to tackling stubborn stains and odors, some opt to use low moisture methods others will use high extraction methods. The carpets will require more dry time even the professional will use high-powered extraction equipment to remove as much moisture as possible when more water becomes necessary to push the cleaners through the carpeting to combat these stains and odors.

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Call in the experts of American Hometown Services when your carpets are due for a comprehensive deep clean, since our goal is to ensure a safe and effective cleaning that will require as little dry time as possible. We use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines with powerful extraction. Our specialists will ensure to give you an estimated dry time before normal foot traffic can resume to keep your carpets looking amazing based on the current conditions.

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