How Do You Pressure Wash Different Surfaces Safely in Highland, IL? Concrete Driveway, Decking & More

Pressure cleaning is a quick, satisfying way to blast gunk away from a variety of exterior surfaces. Nothing compares to the unbridled power of these machines for cleaning walkways and stripping old paint from a deck among other nitty-gritty tasks. Businesses and homes have a better advantage of combating gunk, filth, and contaminants with the beneficial and simple use of a pressure washer. There are applications that are safe for the high-pressure and other surfaces where you can cause damage, despite the uses of power cleaning. To discuss the surfaces that are safely pressure cleaned when done correctly, we at American Hometown Services would like to do today.

What is the Best Thing to Use to Clean a Concrete Driveway or Walkway?

The durability can withstand the pressurized washing and there is not much concern for etching on concrete surfaces. It can be rectified with lower pressure and a mold remover cleaner with a finer nozzle will prove to be more effective at spot-cleaning grease stains where mold or mildew cover can be rectified with lower pressure and a mold remover cleaner.

Should Roofs Be Cleaned?

To effectively and safely be pressure cleaned, professionals can easily pressure clean the roof using safety protocols and the correct techniques and technical applications of the equipment. Potentially leading to injury or damage, DIY pressure cleaning on your roof poses too many variables. Not all types of roofing materials should be pressure cleaned as well wear it might be tempting to tackle this project on your own.

Best Way to Clean Decking

Along with any mildew or mold, or simply as part of the refinishing process, pressure washing the deck is something most people find the optimal solution for cleaning the compact dirt and mud off. As long as the nozzle isn’t too close to the surface, it is safe to do with the right pressure. With high probability to require replacing planks, too much pressure or spraying too close can cause etching or other blemishing marks and to the extreme.

What Can I Use to Clean House Siding?

Vinyl for example is durable enough for the pressure cleaning, as well as fiber cement, there are some types of siding that can handle the pressure. If the pressure is too high, aluminum siding is susceptible to denting, however, without heavy concentrated blasts, it is safe to use low pressure, a broad nozzle, and care to be effective. Though siding originating from homes built before 1978 will need to have an EPA-licensed lead-remediation specialist test the exterior paint first, wood clapboard siding is effectively cleaned with pressure washing. It will never break down as it is a heavy metal, lead in the paint can be a detriment to the soil. As the pressure cleaning can knock the shingles loose, any shingle-siding should be avoided.

Is Pressure Washing a Vehicle Safe?

Unfortunately, to achieve quick and maximum results, people think that washing the car with pressure washing equipment. It is important to avoid this impulse. If you attempt this, you are likely to cause damage, ruin the paint, or even cause rust to develop and spread. It is recommended you clean your vehicle in the traditional way or at a car wash.

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According to the type of surface that is being cleaned, when it comes to pressure cleaning, angle, nozzle, pressure, temperature, and cleaning solution all differentiate. It is in your better interest to hire a professional of American Hometown Services to effectively clean your commercial and residential exterior surfaces where too many things can lead to damage. Call us today!

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